Everything About You (Harry Styles Fanfiction)

Thing change, people change, but the feeling stay the same. And so the lion fell in love with the lamb.


3. Friends

When we got back to the studio to practice some more the crew was still eating so we had to wait for them. All of us sat on the couch patiently waiting. How long does it take them to eat? "I'm tired" I exclaimed and all the same second the motion liam started to sing "Breakeven"and the other boys joined in. While they were singing they motioned to me and acted like I'm they're singing it to. I coulden' help but blush and every time they sing it gives me goosebumps. I looked at Harry who was singing like he really meant it. He's so gorgeous. After they sang it I gave them a standing ovation and they all bowed. So adorable how these guys think alike. They sat back down and Liam started chatting with me. "So hows life here in london?" Liam asked looking around. "A bit boring since your not around" I said smiling. He gave me a friendly hug. the boys except for Harry were in awe. He looked like he didnt even care. Harry who was sitting on my right started to sing "Please dont  let me go" by Olly Murs and Liam beat boxed. How talented could these guys get? I started nodding my head to the rhythm. Harry started dancing around while singing and motioned to me as if I was the one he was singing to. Oh god, I couldn't help but smile madly. Normally I try to run and i might even wanna hide, cause I neverknew what I wanted, till I looked into your eyes. So am i in this alone? What I'm looking for is a sign, thatyou feel how I feel for you. Baby please dont let me go, Baby please dont let me go. Baby please dont let me go-oh. Baby, no no no no. When he sang the last verse of it he looked into my eyes and i snapped my finger and he broke away. "Awe, Harry has a crush on Sydney". Louis said with a pretend seriousness on his face. Harry and i started our own conversation. It was nice to know more about him. "So do you like Liam more than a brotherly way?" Harry asked looking at me with those beautiful green eyes of his. "No, I love him like he's my own brother, "I replied with a reassuring smile. "Oh, for a second there, I thought you 2 would be singing "Lucky" at each other." he replied with a small chuckle. "well he is my best brother a girl could ever have. My brothers and I fight all the time so its nice having liam around" I replied to him and he just looked down. "Hey are you ok?" I asked holding his chin. "May i ask you something?" He replied taking my hand off his chin and held it tightly. "Is it alright if I you know...... ask you out or something?" he asked and I couldn't help but smile. The boys heard Harrys question and began to fake cough and Louis was smiling stupid. "Harry, can we just stay friends right now? Since you and I only knew each other for less than a day its good to maintain a good friendship first." I replied and he looked down sadly. The boys were all quiet. Shiz! I screwed this up. "I like you Harry , its just that boys would normally ask me out after we became super close." and he just nodded. I gave him a hug and he wispered something. "I"ll wait for you." I couldnt help but smile and we pulled away from each other and he gave me a warm smile. "Are you guys done now?" Dad asked. "Sorry dad, got caught up in the mood." I repliedas an excuse. "Ok then, boy shall we start with your B-track?" he asked the boys went inside the box to start recording. After recording the boys thanked my dad and went out of the studio. "Bye guys!" I shouted to them as we went inside our limo. "So you and Harry eh?" dad asked as the car drove off. "We're just friends besides, I think its for the best right now since they're gonna get famous." and my dad nodded "To be honest darling you guys look adorable together." my dad said holding my hand. "Thanks dad." I replied hugging him. "No problem, hope the both of you work it all out ." he said with a smile. When we arrived inside the house, I saw somebody in our living room. I couldn't help but give him an icy stare.

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