They dont know about us.

Sarah Tomlinson having a good life with her brother Louis Tomlinson being in One direction, love from the fans, and her new modeling job, but sarah has sleeps with one of her brothers band mates and now she is exspecting. Whose kid is it? Find out and read it!:)


36. Names

All day Harry and Louis were helping me pick a name for my boy. " Louis." " no Louis I'm not naming him after you." " come on." " no!" He chuckled and looked at Harry who was looking up names on ye Internet. " I got it!" Harry shouted and we looked at him as he tried to say the name. " h-Harold.." " no Harry I'm not naming him after you either." " pwease.." He looked at me with those gorgeous green eyes. "No.. I'm not naming him after any of you boys." " fine then." Louis said under his breath. Louis looked at me and said,"Danny." " wait what?" " Danny. That should be the babies name." I looked at Louis and smiled big. " oh my gosh that name is perfect Louis!" I hugged him and kissed his cheek as he wiped it away. Harry smiled and agreed with the name. Harry's hypnotizing looks brightened up and said," Danny James Tomlinson. That's what his whole name should be." I smiled and then frowned. " what's wrong babe.?" Harry looked at me worried. " what if Niall wants to sign the birth certificate it won't be Tomlinson it will be Horan. I can't.." " babe don't worry Horan will sound good too. And if he were to do that no need to stress out about it." " Harry you don't understand he cheated on me and I don't want anything to do with him." Louis spoke up and said," don't worry love if you don't want him by you or around you the me and Harry will protect you. Okay?" " okay." I hugged them both and I told them how much I love the name and that is what the babies name was going to be.
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