They dont know about us.

Sarah Tomlinson having a good life with her brother Louis Tomlinson being in One direction, love from the fans, and her new modeling job, but sarah has sleeps with one of her brothers band mates and now she is exspecting. Whose kid is it? Find out and read it!:)


40. My water broke..

Niall and the tramp were arguing and she got up and left. Niall sat there in silence but so did everyone else. I finally got up and call Lia. "Hey" "hey. Why didn't you show earlier?" " sorry my brother wanted to hang out today." " aww.. Sis and bro love how cute." " hahaha.. Ya something like that." " so can you hang out right now?" " ya. I was calling about that right now." " okay see you in awhile." " okay bye." "Bye" I hung up the phone and walked to the front door and put my black converse on walked outside. The air was crisp and fresh, I started to walk to Lia's house until I was by the park, I notice the blonde bimbo that was at my house and some guy talking. He yelled at her and she yelled back. I stopped when I heard the tramp call my name. " Sarah!!" " what?" She pushed me and yelled,"You bitch." I stumbled back a little bit but caught my balance. " I did nothing to you,you blonde bimbo so back off." " you ruined everything with me and Niall... And now you're going to pay for it." She pushed me again but more forcefully but this time the guy was behind me and he grabbed both of my arms to hold me in place. The tramp started punching me everywhere and even in my stomach. I tried to squirm our of his grip but I couldn't. I started screaming and crying for help, right then the man slammed me on the ground and he kicked me. There was blood everywhere, when they finally stopped my body was numb and I was beyond worried about the baby. The bimbo came up to my ear and whispered,"maybe you will think twice about fucking with me again bitch." I layed there and my stomach was throbbing and they ran off. I layed there for awhile and then tried to pick my self up. I walked home and when I was finally there I walked through the front door, I walked in the living room and dropped to my knees. All the boy ran over to me and when they picked me up to my feet, I felt my water brake. I screamed with pain, holding my stomach. " I FEEL THE BABY COMING!! AGH!!!!" Niall was holding one hand and Harry was holding the other, Louis was starting the car and that's when Niall picked me up and ran to the car with me, he whispered," baby it's okay we're on our way to the hospital right now. Okay?" " okay." " I love you Sarah, I love our little Prince Charming too. He will love you." "NIALL JUT GET ME TO THE FUCKING HOSPITAL ALREADY!!" "OKAY! You need to calm down were going as fast as we can." I felt sweat run down my face and I screamed," NOT FAST ENOUGH!! AGH!!" We were finally picking up speed and were all most at the hospital Harry kissed my hand and rubbed my forehead," Sarah, love everything is going to be okay." He kissed my forehead and I squeezed Niall and Harry's hands harder. "AGH!!" The pain was building up minute by minute. We finally are at the hospital and Niall picked me up out of the back seat and Liam, Zayn, Louis ran in to the building and Harry and Niall stayed with me and we followed the rest of the boys in. " IM GOING TO HAVE A BABY." I screamed at the nurse and she ran over with a bed and put me on it and I was soon to deliver my beautiful Prince Charming.
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