They dont know about us.

Sarah Tomlinson having a good life with her brother Louis Tomlinson being in One direction, love from the fans, and her new modeling job, but sarah has sleeps with one of her brothers band mates and now she is exspecting. Whose kid is it? Find out and read it!:)


20. love triangle.

Niall was starting to show up for everything and that made me happy but Harry didn't look like he wanted him there. Harry was the best friend a person could ever have and I knew I was starting to develop feelings for him too but Niall was back and I couldn't show those feelings. Niall came to our house every morning to wake me up by kissing me on my neck or my lips and every morning I woke up with the biggest smile on my face. When he woke me up this morning he picked up my shirt and took a feather and went down my back with it making me laugh. He smiled and kissed me on my forehead and picked me up. "Where are you taking me?" "Sarah you're the most impatient girl I know." " we'll when you pick me up and take me out to the car it kind of makes me wonder." "Hahaha don't worry you will like it." " whatever you say." We drove for a really long time then I seem the beach and the beach house that we were when we "did it." He picked me up again and walked me into the house. When we finally go into the house he set me down and we walked into the kitchen. We sat down at the table and he smiled big. " why are you all cheesy?" " okay Sarah so I talked to my parents and I was thinking we could live here." " are you serious?" " so since your having a baby my mum wanted us to have out own place." " oh my gosh your being serious right now!" " ya why would I lie?" " oh my gosh I love you! This is going to be so fun living on my own." " ya it will be a great experience." I smiled and hugged him and kissed him. Then we walked around the house and picked the perfect room for the baby. When we were done we walked back out to the car and drive to my parents house to tell Louis and my parents the news. I am so excited!
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