They dont know about us.

Sarah Tomlinson having a good life with her brother Louis Tomlinson being in One direction, love from the fans, and her new modeling job, but sarah has sleeps with one of her brothers band mates and now she is exspecting. Whose kid is it? Find out and read it!:)


27. He cheated..

I looked at my phone then I looked at Niall. I was in shock and that's when I felt my eyes burn and tears started rolling down my cheek. He looked at me and asked me,"what's wrong?!?" I threw the phone at him and I quickly paces to the room. He said," wait Sarah.. Stop please. Let me explain!!" I shut and locked the door behind me and he knocked on it for me to let him in but I didn't, I yelled there's nothing to explain Niall. The picture said it all right there." " Sarah let me in I'm sorry I messed up!" " ya I know you did." I put some yoga pants on with a tank top and a shirt over. I threw my hair up into a ponytail and did my make up. I grabbed my purse and that's when I opened the door he stood there and grabbed my wrist. " Sarah I'm so sorry please forgive me." " your not sorry. Is that why it took you so long the "except" the fact that your a dad.. Or we're you screwing around with other girls?!?" " Sarah when I walked away that night I went to te bar and I met her." " you know what I don't want to hear this right now." I grabbed my phone out of his hand and he grabbed my arms and begged me to stay but I pulled away. He blocked the door and I smacked him in his face and said, " think about that. And since we're threw you can go call you little girlfriend now and tell her it's okay to come over and you can be see with her now!!" I walked outside and Niall followed behind me. He kept saying," give me a chance to explain." I ignored him though and called my brother to come pick me up. Louis asked," why what happen?" "I'll explain everything in the car." He said,"okay. I'm on my way right know." When Louis finally showed up Niall had tears rolling down his face. He should though what he did was terrible. As we pulled out of the drive way I explained everything to Louis and I cried the whole way home.
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