They dont know about us.

Sarah Tomlinson having a good life with her brother Louis Tomlinson being in One direction, love from the fans, and her new modeling job, but sarah has sleeps with one of her brothers band mates and now she is exspecting. Whose kid is it? Find out and read it!:)


17. Hard times...

It had been officially two weeks from the night I told them I was pregnant and I haven't seen Niall since. My brother claims he comes to work everyday but he never came over here. Harry has been with me and kept me company mostly everyday. My stomached looks like a little bump now and I had to stop working at the model agency. My brother and Harry walked in the door as I was watching tv. Harry plopped right next to me and hugged me, my brother did the same. Louis started talking,"so what have you been doing all day." " oh nothing watching tv and the same thing everyday... Throwing up... I don't know why they call it "morning sickness" if it hits every hour the day." Harry laughed and said," don't worry in 9 more months it will all be over." I smiled and said," yup.. One question for you guys." They both answered,"what" " do you think Niall is going to come around.." Louis spoke first," Sarah honestly I don't know." Harry started talking next." I'm sure he will but he is trying to except the fact that he is going to be a dad. And that he got you pregnant." I smiled sadly and looked at the tv again. Harry stared at me for awhile and looked away. I thought about everything from the night we "did it" to the night I told him and when he left. A tear rolled down my cheek and Harry instantly knew that something was wrong. He looked at me and wiped the tears off of my cheeks and whispered," Niall might not be here for you but I always will... Don't forget that." I looked at him ad hugged him. Harry always knew how to make me feel better.
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