They dont know about us.

Sarah Tomlinson having a good life with her brother Louis Tomlinson being in One direction, love from the fans, and her new modeling job, but sarah has sleeps with one of her brothers band mates and now she is exspecting. Whose kid is it? Find out and read it!:)


29. Feeling better..

I must have fell a sleep during the movie because when I woke up it was morning time and I was laying on Harry's chest as he slept. Louis was sleeping on the floor and Liam was on the other sofa.i picked myself up off of Harry but as I pressed in his chest he woke up and he looked at me and smiled big. "Well good morning sunshine!" He said. I smiled big and said, hope I didn't hurt your chest from me laying on it." " no it's fine. You didn't hurt me. So how are you feeling today.?" " better than what I did yesterday." He smiled and said," that's good." " do you guys have to go to the studio today?" " no why?" " can you stay with me today and keep me company?" " ya if you want me to." " thanks that would be great." I heard Liam giggling over on sofa and I got up and jumped on him. He turned around and laughed, " you guys are to cute!" I could feel my face turning red and so was Harry's face. Liam got up and went into the bathroom, not long after that Louis got up and he went out and bought breakfast and came home with it. I was so happy he got my favorite waffles and orange juice. As we were eatting I looked up to see Harry staring at me and I said," what?" He smirked and said," oh nothing." " tell me!" "It nothing" "okay then?" " your just so beautiful that's all." I smiled and I started blushing and he smiled big at me and looked down. I finished eating and I put the rest of the stuff in the trash and in the sink. I was going to jump in the shower but I don't have any clothes here. Guess tomorrow I'll have to go to house and pack all my clothes and belongs and bring them back to this house.
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