My Dilemmas and advice!

This is a guide to growing up and the problems for girls. From family deaths to bullying at school, I have been through it all so i'm here to give you advice!


1. Bullying: Scenario and advice!


You are in the yard and 3 boys come over to you. They form a semi circle around you. One of them spits on your shoes, and you grimace in disgust. Another calls you a horrific name, while another pulls your hair. The bell goes and they run off, leaving you crying and gasping. This carries on for what seems like forever.




Tell someone. Bullying this bad needs to be brought out into the open, not hidden underneath the floorboards. It won't stop unless you stop it. So just tell someone. Anyone!



You and your so-called friends are walking home. They suddenly stop and you keep walking, but then you turn around. They are huddled in a group, surrounding a gym bag. You turn around and keep walking, expecting that they will just catch up. All of a sudden, your head feels wet and sticky and you scream. It is egg on your head. They then push you into the road and then run away.



Again, tell someone, but especially the parents of the person who did it and your parents. Try not to get the school involved apart from asking them to keep her/ him away from you.



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