Kendall and I

hey! this is my first fanfic! its about a girl who wants to become a singer and just might get her chance :)


32. The Dream

I couldn't believe my eyes. It was Luke Baring. Luke Baring was my crush throughout most of high school. Actually, all of it. He was a grade above me. Of course I never did anything about this huge crush. I just kinda let it go.
"Uhm, yeah?" I say kinda having mixed emotions towards him.
"Wow it's been forever since I saw you! Can I talk to you for a second?" He asks me. Oh dear lord what do I do? What do I say?
"Uh, sure." I say getting up and walking towards his table which is around the corner where no one can see us. Figures.
"Wow you look really good." He says as he sits down next to me.
"Uh, thanks."
"I think it's cute when you say 'Uh' before everything."
"I don't think it's considered cute but.."
"You're cute." He says.
"What?" I say. I'm shocked. He JUST randomly walked up to me and took me to this table and told me I'm cute?!
"No not cute, more than that." He says and puts his hands on my face and puts his lips on mine. Wait a minute. WAIT A MINUTE?! WHAT IS GOING ON?! I pry his hands off of my face.
"WHAT THE HELL WAS THAT?!" I yell at him.
"Isn't that what you always wanted? To kiss me? Be my girlfriend?" He says smirking. He grabs my face and kisses me again. Okay jerk face, get ready for this. I kick him in the shin as hard as I could.
"Damn it Kristin! What the hell was that for?!"
"Get. Away. From. Me." I say in an angry growl.
"What's your problem? I know I was your 'dream guy' and now when I try to make your dreams come true, you scream at me and kick me?" He says.
"Um YES!" I yell. "AND YOU WANNA KNOW WHY?" He shakes his head yes.
"WELL HERE WE GO. You WERE my dream guy. Not anymore. I don't like you. I have a boyfriend who loves and cares about me way more than you EVER would. He didn't just waltz up to me and kiss me out of no where! And I know you don't even like me. You are just looking for some hookup. Well guess what? That is SO not gonna be with me!" I spat out at him. I grab the glass of water sitting on the table and dumb it on his head.
"You, you are going to regret this!" He yells as I start to walk away.
"No I am NOT, NOR WILL I EVER, regret this." I yell back at him. I keep walking towards the front of the store.
"Kristin?" I hear someone call my name.
"What?" I say angrily as I turn to my left. Sierra is there with her cell phone. She turns it around and I see Kendall's face on the screen. I run up and grab the phone from her.
"Kendall! Did you see that?!" I yell into the phone.
"Yeah. All of it." He says. I go silent. If you looked up awkward in the dictionary this is what you would find. Nah just kidding, I just always wanted to say that.
" saw when he kissed me?" I ask him. I HAVE to know.
"Yes I did." He says flatly. I wait for him to go on but he doesn't.
"I didn't kiss him. You know that right?" I see him smile softly.
"Yes I know. You just don't understand what that did to me. I had no idea what was going on at first. I thought you would leave me then. I don't know what I would've done without you." He says.
"I'm not going anywhere. In fact, we are coming home the day after tomorrow." I tell him. I called it home. I consider out there my home now. He smiles.
"Okay see you then." He says.
"Can't wait." I say in a tone I didn't even know I could have. His eyes go wide for a second but he continues smiling. I laugh and end the FaceTime.
-a day and a half later-
I said goodbye to my parents and hopped on the flight with Sierra. Now we are getting our luggage. I spot Kendall waiting close by. I run up to him and he picks me up and spins me around. I plant a sweet kiss on his lips after.
"Sierra? Kendall and I are gonna go. You got this?" I ask her.
"Yup got it." She replies.
"So Kendall, you wanna go out to dinner somewhere? My treat." I say smiling. I wanna have some time with Kendall to talk and catch up. Also I need to talk to him about something.
"Your treat?" He asks.
"Yeah why?"
"That can't happen." He says frowning while leaning against the side of his car.
"And why not?" I ask him.
"Because you are my beautiful, wonderful girlfriend and you shouldn't have to pay." He always makes my heart melt. Most boys would've excepted the offer but he doesn't.
-at the restaurant-
"Hey Kendall?" I say to him. We are sitting side by side instead of across from each other. I've got my hand in his and I feel that it should always be that way. I wonder if he'll ever ask me to marry him..wait! I've never said that about a guy before. Does that mean something? Okay back to the task at hand.
"Yeah, Kris?" I love when he calls me Kris.
"Can I tell you about something?" I ask him. I see a flash of worry come across his face. I smile at him and say "Don't worry. I think you might like what I'm gonna say." He smiles and nods.
"So the other day, I had this dream. And in this dream, I was going out to dinner with you." I start.
"So far so good." He says smiling.
"Right. And I had on this really pretty dress that was redish-pinkish-orange at the top and a peachish color for the bottom."
"Sounds beautiful." He interrupts me.
"Kendall! I need to to pay attention!" I say in a whiney voice.
"Okay okay!" He says while putting his hands up like he's just been caught.
"Anyway, so I went to this restaurant that overlooked the beach. And I met you there. You were in a nice suit. We ate dinner and looked out into the night sky." I tell him. He nods.
"Then you started telling me that you were in love with me and you always wanted us to be together." I say slowly. He smiles but doesn't say a word. So I continue "then you asked me to marry you." I see his face light up. He smiles.
"I did, did I?" He says.
"Yes you did." I tell him. I can tell he wants to know what I said.
"I don't know what I told you, I only remember smiling and crying so I'm assuming that I said yes." I tell him. He smiles that warm smile of his that makes my heart melt.
"So would you ever want to marry me?" He asks.
"I would hope to." I tell him.
"So lets pretend I just asked you to marry me. What would you say?" He asks me. I sit there for a second thinking. Would I want to get married at such a young age? What if he isn't the one? What if....but I know he's the one. And if he asked me to marry him right here, right now. I would most certainly say yes.
"I would say yes." I tell him while looking into his green eyes.
"Good to know." He smiles back at me. Does that mean something? Has he been planning something? Was that dream a sign? But none of that matters. As long as I'm with Kendall I don't care. He leans down and kisses me. I kiss him back. Right now I feel like this is one of the happiest days of my life.
"Wanna go back to my place?" I ask him while smiling sweetly. And no I'm not gonna do it with him.
-back at my place-
"So Kendall..." I say with a smirk.
"Yes?" He asks me also with a smirk.
"What do you wanna do?"
"I was thinking I could do this." He says and kisses me.
"I'm okay with that." I say quietly. He smiles, "Good." He says and kisses me again. This goes on for a little while.
"Okay as much as I enjoy this we should probably do something.." I tell him. He frowns playfully.
"Don't make that face." I tell him. He continues making it.
"Kendall!!! I can't handle it!" I yell at him and kiss him passionately.
"Are you okay now?" I ask him.
"Yeah I'm good." He says smiling. We walk into the living room and put in a movie. It's only like 8 o'clock.
-Kendall's P.O.V-
I'm lying awake in her living room. She fell asleep around midnight. I can't stop thinking about today. When I first saw her, when she told me about that dream, when she told me she would say yes, our little kiss session. It was all so amazing. Just watching her sleep her next to me on the couch in amazing. I wonder if she actually would say yes. She looked like she would. I was actually thinking about asking her to marry me someday. I wasn't going to ask her soon because I didn't know what she would say. But now I know. I just want to wait until the right time. I have a feeling it could be anytime. I just have to pick the right time. I knew from the moment I saw her, she was the girl I've been waiting for. I would love to ask her to marry me.
-Kristin's P.O.V-
I woke up thinking about him. Kendall I mean. He's just the most amazing guy I have ever met. I look up and see him fast asleep. I snuggle up closer to him and wait for him to wake up. He opens his eyes.
"Hey Kristin." He says. I smile at him.
"Hey Kendall."
"I've gotta go make a quick phone call." He says to me. I wonder who he's calling....
-Kendall's P.O.V-
I wanted to tell her who I was calling but there was no way I could. I'm calling her Dad. I need to ask him some questions. I walk outside so she can't hear me and I dial his number.
"Hello?" He says.
"Hello sir. It's Kendall."
"Oh Kendall!"
"Yup it's me."
"Why are you calling?" He asks.
"Well, your daughter and I were talking yesterday. She told me that she had a dream about me asking her to marry me." I tell him.
"Oh dear. Kendall, that means she's in love with you. I know she is. Do you see how she is when she's around you? Her adoring face? She is in love with you Kendall. I know because my wife used to look and do the same things that she does." He tells me.
"Woah. That's amazing. I am crazy about her too. I'm so in love with her. If I ever wanted to purpose to her-" I start to say but he cuts me off.
"Yes Kendall. You could do that anytime." He tells me.
"Thank you sir."
"You two are a perfect couple, I can see it. Someday hopefully you will be my son-in-law."
"That would be amazing. To be her husband."
"I know she would love it. You're a good man Kendall."
"Thank you sir." I say and hang up. I walk back inside. She and I decide that we want to hang out for together for the rest of the day.
Author's Note:
Wazzzuppp guys?! This chapter just came to me. What do you think about Kendall wanting to marry Kristin? Who knows what the next chapter is gonna be about :) thank for over 1000 views :) it's really amazing. Thanks!
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