Kendall and I

hey! this is my first fanfic! its about a girl who wants to become a singer and just might get her chance :)


21. Surprises

By the time we got back to the hotel, it was 11 o clock. It was really tiring but I enjoyed it after the beginning of the flight. Kendall and I talked and talked for hours on the way here. And then when brought me back to the hotel, he said goodbye and kissed me then he texted me until like 1 am. It was so sweet. But now it's 8 am on a Thursday. I told Kendall that I'll come over later. I'm going to Sierra's for now. Well first I'm meeting her at the mall. She said that she wanted to show me her new place. Right now I'm in a taxi on the way to the mall.
-At the Mall-
"Hey-HOLY CRAP WHAT HAPPENED?!" I yell when I see her in a wheelchair.
"I tripped down the stairs." She says.
"How? Wait what stairs? There are no stairs in the hotel.." I say. Is it her new house..
"In my new home. Logan is gonna drive us there right now." She says and Logan stands up from the bench. I didn't notice he was there.
"Alright.." I say. Where the heck does she live?
-10 minutes later-
"Hey I thought we were going to your new house?" I say as we pull up to Logan's house.
"We're here." She says. she lives here?
"So you live here?" I say with a confused tone of voice.
"Yes," she turns around smiling. "Don't worry. We have separate bedrooms." She finishes. It's her decision...I mean I wouldn't do that but hey, if she wants to she can. Logan helps her get inside with the wheelchair and then her and I sit on Logan's or should I say, their couch. It feels weird saying that.
"I'll leave you two here to catch up." He says and walks upstairs.
"So what did you guys do while you were in Pennsylvania?" She asks.
"First we went to my house, where I had an emotional breakdown and he comforted me, packed some stuff, showed/helped me play the guitar, watched home videos, which I fell asleep during, then I woke back up and we watch my YouTube videos until I fell asleep, had a pancake batter incident, went to the school, packed some more. Then the next day we packed up the last of my things, went to get pizza, found out some interesting things, technically "broke up" for a few hours, left on the plane, and made up during the flight." I finish.
"What 'interesting things'?" She asks me curiously.
"Well....he told me that he might have a crush on you." When I told her that....her face went pale and her eyes grew wide.
"Woah dude. Okay same thing happened here with Logan." She whispers.
"Really?" I say quietly.
"Yes! We technically broke up for a few hours too! But I also told him that I might have a crush on Kendall.." She says. It was my turn for my eyes to grow wide.
"And I told Kendall the same thing about Logan. But then we realized that we didn't have crushes on our other friends, that our minds were tricking us." I say.
"Same here." She says. Wow we really are like twins! Even in relationships!
"That's so weird!" She says.
"But I'm just glad we made up." I say smiling at the memory of last night on the plane.
"Me too." She says also smiling.
"Now explain the whole ankle thing!" I yell at her.
"Well.." She says laughing. I don't know why she's laughing considering she broke BOTH of her ankles but... "I got mad at Logan and stormed upstairs. He knocked and when I didn't answer he apologized but I still didn't answer even though I thought it was so sweet. Then I went over to his room and apologized by kissing him. And we talking for a minute then I made a bet that I could beat him downstairs so I ran away down the stairs and as I was at the bottom and I tripped and fell. Then the next day, I broke my other ankle trying to get dressed." She explains to me.
"Wow." I say shaking my head while laughing.
"Yup all in two days" she says smiling.
"Hey I told Kendall I would hang out with him later so.."
"Oh yeah it's fine. It's not like we could spend the day at the mall or anything." She says laughing.
"True! Haha. I'll come over tomorrow or later or something." I say getting up.
"Okay bye."
"Bye." I say, leaving. Man I need to buy a car! I'll call Kendall and see if he can come get me. And possibly take me to a car dealership. I brought all my money that I've been saving for the past few years. It's quite a bit so hopefully I have enough.
-Phone Call with Kendall-
"Hey Kris!" He says happily when he picks up.
"Hey Kendall!" I say happily in response. I love hearing his voice.
"Do you mind if we go to a car dealership to look for a car I can buy?"
"No not at all. I can come get you. Are you at the hotel?"
"No I'm at Sierra's house."
"Which is where?" So he doesn't know that she's living with Logan... I tell him Logan's address.
"Wait a second. Isn't that Logan's address?" He asks.
"Yup!" I reply.
"Okay." He replies with a bit of a suspicious sounding voice.
"I'll explain later." I say.
"Okay see you soon." He says
"Byee!" I say while hitting the end button.
-10 minutes later-
"Hey Kendall!"
"Hey Kristin!" He says while leaning over and kissing me on the cheek.
"So where is this car place?" I ask after we stop at the corner.
"You'll see." He says with a wink. Oh God watch it be some weird junk yard or something. We pull up to his house and I see a brand new car.
"Happy Thursday!" He yells as he steps out of the car.
"I bought this for you." He says as he walks up to the new car.
"You didn't." I say stunned.
"Oh but I did. It's a gift."
"Gift for what?"
"Being an amazing girlfriend." He says.
"What?" I say while blushing and half smiling, half with a confused look.
"You are the best girlfriend in the world. You stick with me through everything. Ups and downs in our relationship, hate from some of the fans, all sorts of things! You prove that you love me and will support me through everything." He says, pulling me into a hug. I am stunned by all those things he said.
"Oh wow, Kendall. That's very sweet of you to say but-"
"No but's! Everything I said is true. Why don't you ever believe me?" He asks, looking into my eyes. I stare back into his green eyes.
"I....I...I don't know. I've always done that ever since I was little. It's just part of who I am. I guess it's almost like a habit."
"Well I guess I need to break that habit." He says still looking me in the eyes but with a soft smile.
"Guess.." But before I could finish, he kisses me slowly. "So." I say smiling when we break apart.
"So what do you wanna do?" He asks me.
"Umm...wanna go to the boardwalk?"
"Sure." He smiles.
"Do you actually want to go?" I ask him because I really don't see him going there very often.
"Anything with you is fun. I'll go anywhere as long as I'm with you." He says. When he tells me those things it just makes me feel so special.
"Thanks." I say blushing. As I walk over to the driver's side. We sing and talk the entire way there.
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