Kendall and I

hey! this is my first fanfic! its about a girl who wants to become a singer and just might get her chance :)


10. Rainy Day Part Two

We stood in the middle of the room, hugging for a few minutes. He has made me realize that I don't need to care what everyone else thinks of me, only about what I care about.
"It's 6. We should probably get going to the studio." I nod and we walk out to his car. {20 minutes later} We walk inside to see Logan sitting on the couch staring at the ground.
"You okay?"
"Not really. I met a girl, Sierra, who is really cool and then she had to leave."
"Dude, it'll be fine. She's coming back." Kendall says.
"Not for a week or so." He says to Kendall.
"Hey Kendall, can I talk to you outside?" I ask him.
"Yeah sure." So we walk outside.
"We have to cheer him up! I hate it when people are sad." I say.
"What were you thinking we do?"
"Does he like laser tag?" I ask.
"Who doesn't?!"
"True. So after our sessions, we are all going to play laser tag." We walk back inside. My session is starting. Today, they are having me sing a Taylor Swift song. After we run through it a couple times, the other boys come in and I head out to the hall while they have their session.
~After Session~
The door bursts open and I see Kendall, James, and Carlos run out.
"Hey Kristin!" They all say.
Logan then slowly comes walking out.
"Hey guys! Why don't we all go play laser tag?!" I say, looking and Kendall and winking.
"What a great idea!" He yells.
"We should!" Carlos yells after.
"I'd be cool with that." James says, casually but Logan doesn't respond.
"How about you, Logan?" I ask him.
"I don't feel up to it."
"Your coming." Kendall says and they all drag him outside.
~At Laser Tag~
"Alright, here's your vests and lasers." They attendant says. We put them on and wait for approval to head inside. We rented out the place so that we were the only people there. The sound goes off and we run inside, well all of us except for Logan. He slowly walks in. I shoot at his vest and it lights up red.
"Gotcha!" I yell from behind him.
"You know you have to be quick or else we are all gonna get you." I tell him. He finally smiles and joins us. We run around like crazy nuts. I was hiding near one of the fake rocks when my jacket turns red. I turn around and see Kendall standing there smiling.
"It's on." I say and run after him around the room. God he's quick! I decide to hide behind a rock and wait for my next victim. Someone comes running around the corner and I shoot at them. It was Kendall. His jacket lit up and he looked down and saw me sitting there.
"Heyyy!" I say in a 'haha I got you' voice.
"You're not bad at this," he says "but I'm the king at this game."
"We'll see about that, how about we see how many points we all score but the end and see who's the best?" I say.
"Deal." He says and we go and round up all the guys.
"We are going to have a little competition," I say.
"We are going to play another round and at the end, we are going to see who has the most points. They will be crowned King of the Lasers." Kendall continues.
"Let's make this interesting," Carlos says, "how about the person with the least points has to take us all out for ice cream!"
"Deal." I say, smiling.
The timer restarts and we start shooting away.
~After the Game~
"I won!" Logan says. I swear he just popped up out of nowhere while we were playing. He had to have hit me 40 times.
"And it looks like Kendall came in a close second, then Carlos, the James, and in last place, Kristin." He continues.
"Looks like your buying us all ice cream." Kendall says.
"Guess so, Come on guys!" I say and we head outside to catch a cab to the ice cream parlor.
~At Ice Cream Parlor~
They run up to the counter like little kids while Kendall and I walk up behind. Carlos, James, and Logan start to order. Kendall tells the man what he wants and so do I.
"That'll be $15" the man says. Pretty cheap for five people. I had him a 20 and he gives me my change. He brings us our ice cream and we laugh and talk and eat.
~Leaving Ice Cream Parlor~
"Thanks for cheering me up." Logan says to both of us. He must've figured out that's what we were trying to do.
I laugh and say, "Anytime." We grab a cab and headed back to our houses. Kendall and I were the last ones in the cab. He tips the man as he pulls up to his house.
"See ya." I say and kiss his cheek.
"See ya!" He says as he leaves the car. The driver takes me to my place. What a fun day.
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