Kendall and I

hey! this is my first fanfic! its about a girl who wants to become a singer and just might get her chance :)


9. Rainy Day Part One

So today is gloomy and rainy, which sucks. I don't have anything planned so I'm just gonna sit in my sweatpants and sweatshirt and watch some TV. I'm just chilling watching tv. I log on to twitter and see that Kendall has tweeted something and mentioned me in it. "Hey, Rushers!! I just wanted to let you know that I did go out on a date with YouTube star, @butta_BTR. Had a great time :)" that's what it says. Oh geez, he's going to have thousands of Rushers mad at him and I'm gonna start to get hate. But you know what, it's worth it. So I decide to tweet back: "@HeffronDrive I had a great time too! :D" that should stir up some chaos in the fandom. Oh well! Haha. I just got a notification saying I was mentioned it a tweet.
"Hey @butta_BTR. See you went on a date with Kendall. Haha. You two should come on a double date w/ me & Liam. Lol" It was from my friend Alexa. She started dating Liam from One Direction and so she left school. "Yeah totes! Lolz!!" I reply back. Kendall's calling me.
~Phone Call with Kendall~
Me: Hello?
K: Hey!
Me: hey kendizzzzle!
K: want to come hang out at my house?
Me: sure I've got nothing planned for today.
K: okay be there in 20 minutes to pick you up.
Me: okay cya!
~end call~
I'm just gonna stay in these clothes. I don't think he'll care. {20 minutes later}
I open the door to see Kendall standing there, in a sweatshirt, jeans, one of his famous beanies, and vans.
"Hey" he says, "you look beautiful."
"What? Are you crazy? I'm wearing a sweatshirt and sweatpants!"
"You always look beautiful." He says and kisses my cheek. I blush and say "Thanks." We walk down to the elevators. The same elevator that we shared our first kiss in. I will never forget that. He looks at me and smiles. I don't think he'll ever forget that either.
Kendall's P.O.V.
I will never forget this very spot, were I kissed the girl that I've fallen in love with.
Back to Kristin's P.O.V.
The doors open and we walk into the hotel lobby. As we walk up to the door, I see hundreds on fans. "Hey Kendall..." I say. He just smiles, grabs my hand, and we walk outside.
"Kendall! Can I have your autograph!" I hear a fan yell. I can't believe they would actually stand outside in the pouring rain. Actually, I probably would've too if I was them. So he signs some autographs.
"Kristin! You guys are so cute together! Can I have a picture with you?" I hear a teenager fan yell. So I walk up to her and let her friend take a picture of us. "Oh my God!! Thank You so much! Tell Kendall I said hi!" She says. I nod and walk back over to Kendall. We get to a taxi and he turns around. He waves and says "Love all my Rushers!" Then he ducks into the car and I get pushed in afterwards. I run smack into Kendall's arm and we both start cracking up.
"Sorry about that." He says to me.
"That was actually pretty cool," I tell him "although I wish I wasn't wearing sweats." He puts his arm around me and I lean my head on his shoulder. Once we get to his house, we run inside because we hear screaming girls running down the street.
"So what do you want to do?" He asks me.
"Umm.. I don't care.
"Wanna watch a scary movie?"
"Uhh.." I say
"What's wrong?" He asks me.
"Well, I get so scared watching those."
"I'll be right here with you but if you don't wanna we don't have to." He tells me.
"It's fine, I'll have you to protect me." I say.
"Alright.." He says and smiles. I'm dreading this movie but..oh well. He decided on Silent House. I've heard that this movie is stupid but I've also heard that this movie scared the crap out of some people. Oh Lord.. {1 hour later} the movie is only half over and I already cried like 5 times. Kendall put his arm around me and held me close. Whenever I got scared, I would bury my face into his shoulder. {1 hour later} The movie is finally over. I was in tears by the end. It was one of the scariest things I have ever watched. "You okay?" He asks me.
"U-h. Y-ea-h, just f-ine" I manage to stutter out.
"You know all of that stuff is fake right?"
"Yes I know that but it scares the crap out of me."
"It'll be fine." He says and hugs me.
"Hey, you want to help me work on a new cover?" He asks me. "Sure."
"Okay I was thinking that I should do a duet song, how about Wish You Were Here by Cody Simpson?" I nod in approval. I really like that song. He tunes his guitar and starts to play the song acoustically. "Can you sing the girl parts?" He asks me. "Sure." He starts to play the guitar. "Lately I, got this feeling. I don't know, what's the meaning but I know it's strong, and it's over you. All I want, is to be home with you. Oh-o-woah. I'm coming right back. Oh-o-woah. Living without you is a no, no. I'm coming right back. Oh-o-woah-woah. I wish you were here, yeah I wish you were here. Music is better and lights are brighter when you are near, am I making it clear. The music is better and right now I just wish you were here. Oh, oh. Right now I just wish you were here. Oh, oh. Right now I just wish you were here." And he keeps singing the rest. The girl raps so this should be interesting but here it goes, "Yeah, Becky G, hey
Can't wait 'til you come back home
I know it's late, hold you above the phone
It's so hard gettin' by all alone
So call me back, leave a message at the tone
I know, you know, I know we can make it by
It's been too long since I've looked into your eyes
And I'm waitin' so hurry back
Bring the shine boy
You better follow the path
Car, bus, train, go and get a cab
Or just fly here, jet pack
Roger that, do you copy?
I was a puzzle piece, but you solved me
Our future, I see is so clear
And right now..." (A/N: I got the rap lyrics from so credit to them) then Kendall continued singing the rest.
"Great job rapping." He says.
"Oh yeah.." He puts his guitar down and stands up and pulls me close. "Look, I want you to forget about your insecurities. Stop trying to be what society shoves down your throat. Don't worry about whether you can sing well enough, dance well enough, ace that test, or that you aren't pretty enough, or skinny enough. Just worry about what makes you happy. What you like to do. Remember that your a star in your own eyes, and mine" (A/N: Kendall did actually say a speech kinda like this one to somebody so that's where I got it from.) Before I could say anything, he puts his hands on my face (you know like they do in all the movies) and kisses me. The 'sparks' are still there. And I love it. We pull away and I say "you are right. All of that is right. I worry about everything I do and what people are going to say, that speech, has inspired me to not care what everyone thinks of me and to care about what makes me happy."
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