Kendall and I

hey! this is my first fanfic! its about a girl who wants to become a singer and just might get her chance :)


14. Misunderstandings

My alarm woke me up at 6:45 this morning. I have a recording session today. Sierra says that she wants to come along.
"Why?" I ask.
"Because why?"
"Because I want to see what it's like recording a song."
"Okay fine." And so we head out to the elevators. Once we are down on the first floor, I see Kendall waiting in the lobby area.
He looks up and smiles
"Hey girls!" He says and waves at us.
"Hey!" I say and hug him. Sierra kinda just stands there awkwardly. We head out to Kendall's car.
-At the Studio-
"Alright! Today we are recording Bubbly because I think you've got that song down." The producer, Dave, says.
"Okay" I say and head in the sound booth. I put the headphones on and the music starts playing.
"Will you count me in? /I've been awake for awhile now/ You've got me feeling like a child now/ 'Cause every time I see your bubbly face/ I get the tingles in a silly place" I sing and the music stops.
"That was really good! It was a little pitchy in the beginning though so can we try it again?" Dave asks me. I nod and the music restarts. I knew I was pitchy. I haven't even warmed up my voice. Oh well. So I sing it again.
"Will you count me in?/ I've been awake for awhile now/ You've got me feeling like a child now/'Cause every time I see your bubbly face/ I get the tingles in a silly place" and the music continues so I sing the chorus. He stops me here and there to redo some pitchy spots.
-1 Hour Later-
"Alright Kristin, I think that's good. We'll auto tune it a little bit, not much, don't worry because you are really good, and then we are done. Want to hear it as of right now." Dave asks me.
"Sure.." I say and Sierra and Kendall come over with me.
-After the song-
"That was really good." Sierra says.
"Ehh. Not really." I say. She shrugs at me.
"Yes it was really good." Kendall says to me.
"Alright alright!" I say.
"Hey do you sing?" Dave asks Sierra.
"I sing but I don't think I'm that good." She says.
"Do you mind letting me hear?"
"I guess not." And so she sings I Knew You Were Trouble by Taylor Swift.
"That was really good!" I say (pretty much yell) to her.
"Yea it was!" Kendall says.
"Yes I agree. Have you ever been interested in becoming a singer?" Dave asks her.
"I've never really thought about it." She says.
"Well, I think your great and I would love for you to sing with Kristin on a song. You could also back up sing for her or some one else if you prefer." He says.
"Wow I have no idea what to say. This is..amazing. I never thought I was that good." She says with wide eyes.
"Well believe it because you are. So what do you say?" Dave asks. She looks at me like I should tell her the answer.
"Don't look at me. It's your choice, but I've learn one thing," I say "and that is if opportunities like this come, you take them. At least you should because it may never happen again." I say to her. She looks at me and nods.
"Yes. I will sing back up with Kristin."
She says.
"Great! We'll get this all figured out soon. Thanks girls." He says and we leave.
"Nice little speech." Kendall says to me.
"Well, that's what I've learned through this whole experience. Also, from your tv show. You know it was when I watched the first episode that I realized that I love singing and that I wanted to start taking it seriously. And look where it's gotten me." I say and smile.
"Well I'm glad you watched it. You are an awesome singer." He says.
"And I've only been posting those videos for two years! Two years of practice! And I guess I improved or something." I say.
"Haha oh Kristin." He says.
"You guys wanna go see what Logan's doing?" Kendall says.
"Sure!" Sierra says with an ecstatic smile.
-At Logan's house-
Well pull over on the side of the road and park. I look up and see Logan talking to another girl and she's being all flirty like. Oh God...
Sierra's P.O.V.
What am I seeing? Logan with another girl. Oh my God. She's flirting with him. I can just tell. And he doesn't even seem to mind or anything!
"What is this!?" I say with tears rolling down my face.
"Look Sierra, maybe it's just a misunderstanding." Kristin says.
"It doesn't look like a misunderstanding! Oh my God. Why? Why? Why? WHY?!
"And he said he loved me! Why am I sitting here watching this?!" I yell and get out of the car. I slam the door loudly. By now the girl has left. I walk right up to Logan and he smiles.
"Don't you smile at me you cheater." I spat out.
"What are you talking about?!" He says.
"I thought you loved me? I thought I could trust you? I guess I was WRONG!" I yell, crying even harder now.
"Can I please explain?!" Logan yells at me.
"You know what, it doesn't matter! Because I won't know if that's true!"
"Would you please let me explain?" He says, calmer now.
"Fine but it doesn't matter anymore. It won't change a thing."
"Fine. Maybe this will." He says
"What are-" but before I could even get another word out of my mouth, he kisses me. Passionately. I still feel those sparks. I guess I still love him. Even though I said I hated him! Maybe my heart and gut is telling me that he isn't lying. That he really truly loves me, just like I love him. We break apart and he asks,
"Why are you still crying? Do you still not believe me?" He asks me frantically.
"No no," I say crying and kinda laughing.
"I'm crying because I'm happy. I'm overjoyed. Ecstatic. Whatever you want to call it." I say crying still but also smiling.
"I love you. With all my heart. I would never, EVER cheat on you. I'd hate myself for the rest of my life if I did." Logan says.
"That was my ex-girlfriend from when I was in my teens. She wanted to get back together. She kept flirting with me. I told her that I don't like her and that she should really go but she wouldn't. I would never ever consider dating that beach again. She dumped me for the high school jock. I never really liked her anyway.." He says.
"It's fine I believe you." I say.
"Oh thank God." He says smiling.
"You want to go do something? Like go back to the boardwalk or I don't know somewhere?" He asks me.
"Can Kristin and Kendall come? They are the ones who brought me here." I wave to them and they wave back.
"Yeah of course." He says and we walk down to Kendall's car.
"I see you two made up?" Kristin says.
"Haha yes. How did you know that we were having a little..spat?" I say.
"I could hear you yelling from in here."
She says. Were we really that loud?
"So I'm assuming we are gonna go somewhere?" Kendall says.
"Yeah. How about we go to your place and play games and watch movies." I say to Kendall.
"Sounds good."
Kristin's P.O.V.
God they were loud! I'm just glad they made up. They are too perfect for each other to break up. We're heading back to Kendall's place now.
-At Kendall's house-
"So whatcha guys wanna do?" Kendall asks us.
"Why don't we play Truth or Dare?" Sierra says. Oh God what is she planning.
"You guys okay with that?" I say.
"Yep." They say. We go and sit on Kendall's couch.
"I'll go first. Logan, Truth or Dare?" Sierra says.
"Truth." Logan says.
"Do you love me?" She says.
"Yes! Why would you even ask me that?" He says.
"I just wanted to hear you say it." She says smirking.
"Okay, my turn. How about Kristin, truth or dare?" Kendall says.
"Truth." I say of course. I always say truth. I hate dares.
"How many boyfriends have you had before me?" He says. Oh God why would he ask that?
"Five. All of which were basically the crappiest relationships ever. The last one I had before you, I thought I loved him. I thought he loved me. Yeah well he didn't obviously. He just dated me to make his old girlfriend jealous. We dated for over a year too! I knew he was trouble. I don't know why I even bothered with that idiot. I didn't feel sparks or anything either. It was the worst mistake of my life dating those idiots." I say. Thinking back to that terrible time makes me want to cry.
"Awh don't cry! I didn't mean to make you sad! And I would never EVER do that to you like that jerk. He is the biggest idiot ever. You are the best thing that has ever happened to me and I love you so much." He says to me with those caring green eyes.
"I love you too and you are the best boyfriend a girl could ask for. I have no idea what I was thinking dating that idiot." I say and start to cry. I've never even told Sierra all that stuff and she's my best friend. I told her some of it but not all like I just did there. Her and Logan get up and go to a different room.
"Shh. Shh. Don't cry it will be okay." He says to comfort me. I look up and He looks me in the eyes,
"I love you so much and I would never do anything to hurt you." And he kisses me. And I kiss him. Passionately. He is the best thing that has ever happened to me.
Sierra's P.O.V.
Logan and I left because I could tell it was going to be a love fest or something. So we headed out to the kitchen and just talked. I have no idea what Kendall and Kristin are doing. It's not my business either. If she wants to tell me then she can. But God I feel bad for her. She never told me about what happened. I wish she would have. I could've helped her cope. She seemed so happy with that guy. Truth is I guess she wasn't. I feel bad for her. I wonder if she told anyone or how she coped with it. I'm gonna ask her later. I feel bad for not being there for her.
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