Kendall and I

hey! this is my first fanfic! its about a girl who wants to become a singer and just might get her chance :)


31. Memories: Good and Bad

We have finally landed but the airport is jam packed. People are getting ready to go on their vacations since school let out. People push and shove past me.
"Idiots.." Sierra mumbles under her breath. I look over at her and laugh. She smiles and shrugs. We grab our bags and get out of there as soon as possible.
"Finally! I CAN BREATHE!" Sierra yells once we step outside. I about double-over in laughter. Better call Kendall.
-Kendall's P.O.V-
Okay it's been a few hours. She should call soon, right? *Ring Ring* If this isn't her I swear to God,
"Hey-" I hear a soft voice from the other end. Maybe I should've checked the number first....
"Kendall? Hi baby." The girl says in a flirty tone. Okay this is NOT Kristin.
"Who is this?!" I yell into the phone.
"Who do you think it is?"
"It's Veronica." I drop the phone. My ex-girlfriend just called me.
"Don't call me again." I say and hang up on her. *Ring Ring* It's Kristin this time thank God.
"Hey Kendall!"
"Hey! Glad you landed and you're safe!"
"Yeah so am I." She says. Should I tell her what happened? Or should I wait?
"Hey Kristin...."
-Kristin's P.O.V-
"Hey Kristin...." He says into the phone. Okay now I'm worried.
"My ex-girlfriend just called me. I don't even know how she got my number." Wow was not expecting that.
"Kristin? Are you still there?"
"Uhm yeah."
"Are you angry? I told her that she shouldn't call me again and then I hung up on her."
"Good because I don't want to lose you. I need you in my life. You are the best thing that's ever happened to me, Kendall. I can't lose you.." I say into the phone.
"Don't worry. I'm not going anywhere." He says. That puts a smile on my face.
"Good." I say.
"Well, I'll let you go..."
"I love you Kendall."
"I love you too Kristin."
"Call you later." I say to him.
"Alright." He says. I click end.
"Okay what happened?" Sierra asks me.
"What makes you think something happened?" I ask her.
"You're my best friend. I know because you went from being all happy and stuff to being all like depressed."
"Girls it's time to go." My mom calls from a few feet away.
"You are telling me what happened in the car." Sierra says and drags me along. It feels almost like we are in high school again. How I miss that school. I never thought I would miss it but I do. We get to the car and throw our bags in the back.
"Okay. Talk." Sierra says after she snaps the seatbelt.
"Well, Kendall called me and said his ex-girlfriend called.." I start.
"She didn't! She KNOWS that he has a girlfriend." Sierra yells in my face.
"Well obviously she didn't care. He said he told her to not call him again and then hung up on her."
"Good. That bitch deserves it."
"Sierra!" I loudly whisper. My parents don't really want me swearing. At least not around them.
"I said WITCH." She says smiling. I face palm.
"ANYWAY, do you think she'll call him again?" I'm kinda worried she will.
"No and even if she does, Kendall hung up on her. He really loves you Kristin. You need to stop putting yourself down all the time. I will call him right now and prove it to you." She says and takes out her phone.
"Sierra please don't."
"I am."
"NO." I say trying to get the phone from her. She bit my hand.
"YOU ARE SO DIFFICULT." I say. She smiles and dials his number.
"No it isn't Veronica. It's Sierra."
"I'm calling because Kristin has been feeling a little sad..." I do another face-palm.
"Sure I will put her on the phone." She says and smiles at me. I smile a fake smile back and take the phone.
"Kristin what's wrong?"
"Nothing's wrong."
"Sierra just told me that you're sad..?"
"Nope. All good here." I say nervously.
"Listen, if it's because of Veronica calling me, trust me, I have NO feelings for her. You are the one I love. I don't wanna lose you. I would never date anyone else. It ripped my heart out when you left Kristin. I can't stand it. Being away from you drives me insane. But I know you wanted to see your hometown so you went. I know you're coming back. It's just I've fallen in love with you. I want to spend my entire life with you. Nothing will change that."
"I wish I was there with you."
"I wish you were too but-"
"No Kendall. I wish I was there because I would hug and kiss you so much right now and I do not even care that my parents and Sierra can hear everything I'm saying." I say smiling. He laughs.
"You are something....but I would gladly take those hugs and kisses."
"Just wait until I come back." I say. My mom turns around and glares at me. I roll my eyes. Geez mom. Would you chill. God. I'm 19 years old I think I know how far to go.
"Gotta go. I'm being glared at." I say. My mom cracks a smile finally. He laughs.
"Okay see you soon." He says.
"Bye." I say and hang up. My mom turns back around and looks at me with a weird smile frown thing.
"What?" I say. She now looks like she's gonna cry.
"Mom? What's wrong?"
"You-you're growing up so quickly. It seems like just yesterday you were my little girl."
"Mom don't worry. I will always be you and Dad's little girl." I say to her. She smiles and lets a tear slip.
"I meant you are and Kendall seems so serious. He really loves you. And you really love him. And you are living out there away from us. It's going to be weird not having a kid in the house."
"Mom, I'm going to come visit. And don't worry, I'm not going to do anything I will regret. You can trust me on that." I say to her. I mean it too. I'm not like those girls on tv who lie then go do it anyway.
"I know sweetie."
"Lets just enjoy the rest of our time here." I say. She smiles, Dad smiles, Sierra laughs. I can't help but smile to myself as I think of the rest of our stay here.
-at the house-
"Can Sierra and I visit the town?"
"Sure just don't stay out to late." My mom says.
"Okay." I say as I drag Sierra outside.
"Where to first?" She says.
"Hmm...I don't know. You wanna just drive around the town and if we see somewhere to stop, then we can?"
"Sounds good." We decide to drive by the school.
"Oh look!" Sierra yells. I slam on my breaks and realize we are by the school. And there is a ton of cars there. Must be a board meeting or something.
"Stop the car and lets go in." Sierra says.
"We can't just GO in."
"Sure we can." She says.
"Oh really," I say pulling into the parking lot, "okay then you go open the door."
"Oh just come on." She said and dragged me out of my seat. She runs up the stairs and opens the door and walks right inside.
"Sierra? Kristin? What are you guys doing here?" The principal asks us.
"We were driving by and we wanted to stop that okay?" Sierra says in the sweetest voice she possibly could have.
"Oh of course! You two were some of my favorite students! You can go around the school and see the teachers, stay as long as you like." He says.
"Thanks!" Sierra says, starting to drag me down the hall.
"Thank you!" I call after.
"Which teacher do you wanna stop by first?" She asks me.
"Why don't we do our 7th grade teachers then 8th and 9th and so on?" I say.
"Oooh! Good idea!" She says. We run down the halls towards our seventh grade English teacher's room. We knock and pop our heads in.
"Sierra and Kristin? What a surprise! Please come in." Our teacher, Mrs. Clinger says. We talk with her for a few minutes then leave.
"Where to next?"
" about Mr. Mitchell?" I say. Mr. Mitchell was our eighth grade history teacher, and we had him again in tenth, eleventh AND twelfth grade.
"Okay!" Sierra says. We run down the hall. We stop at his door. We knock and he looks up from his desk and waves us inside. We walk in.
"Kristin, Sierra? What are you guys doing here?" He says and laughs.
"Well we are moving away and since Kristin missed the last week of school, we decided to stop by." Sierra tells him.
"And Mr. Wilson is okay with that right?" He asks.
"Of course!" We say laughing. Sierra and I go sit in our desks we had in twelfth grade. Mr. Mitchell walks up to the board and all of the memories of this class come back. It feels just like it did when we were here.
"We're gonna miss you and this school..." Sierra starts. I can see tears forming in her eyes.
"Yeah we really are." I say also with tears forming in my eyes.
"Don't worry girls," Mr. Mitchell says to us while patting us each on the shoulder. "You are going to be wonderful adults and have a wonderful future ahead of you."
"Awh thanks Mr. Mitchell!" Sierra and I yell at the same time.
"You're welcome girls. Now go live your life." He says and pushes us out the door.
"We will!" We yell running down the hall. We go around and visit the teachers we want and head outside. We take one last look at the school. It brings tears to my eyes to know that this is THE last time I will see this place.
"Give me your phone." Sierra demands.
"Just give it to me and go sit on the steps." She says. So I hand her my phone and sit on the steps.
"Okay smile!" She says. I get it now! I smile and she takes the picture.
"There now you have a memory." She says.
"Yup." I say and smile. We decide to head back to the house to hang out with my parents. I don't know why Sierra doesn't go see hers. Actually I do. She tells me she doesn't like them very much.....hey it's her choice whether or not to see them so....anyway, we head home and go out to dinner with my family.
-at the restaurant-
"Oh ahaha! I remember that!" I say as we all laugh and have a good time.
"Kristin?" Someone says from behind me. I turn around and see someone who I WAS NOT expecting.
Author's Note:
Hey guys! Sorry for not updating. I've been reading this AMAZING book called That Boy. If you haven't read definitely should! Anyway, hope you like the chapter :)
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