Kendall and I

hey! this is my first fanfic! its about a girl who wants to become a singer and just might get her chance :)


6. Meeting the Guys

I just woke up. It's only 6 am. I head into the little kitchenette.
"Hey, Kris. Have a good time?" My mom asks me.
"Yeah." I say only half listening.
"I could tell. You were smiling in your sleep and I thought maybe that's why." Was I really smiling in my sleep?
"Yeah we had a good time." I say.
"What did you guys decide to do?"
"We went to visit the Hollywood Sign, we ate at Olive Garden, went to the mall, and then to the beach." I say. Not giving every little detail of our day.
"Sounds like fun." She says, sipping her coffee.
"It was." I say smiling.
"Did he ask you out?" She says.
"What?! Mom!" I yell.
"Well did he?" She says.
"Maybe.." I say.
"Awe Kris!" She says.
"Mooom!!" I yell.
"What?" She says, smiling at me.
"Don't say that. And don't tell anyone. I can't have the paparazzi be on his tail anymore than they already are. They got some pictures of us yesterday. It's weird having people take pictures of you every second." I tell her.
"Haha obviously. I won't tell anyone don't worry." She says.
My phone is vibrating. I run to go check it. The caller ID says IThinkKendallSchmidtIsTheAwesomestCoolestGuyEverAndThereIsNothingYouCanDoAboutIt. I'm assuming, that's what took Kendall so long to write. What an idiot.
~Answering Call~
Me: Hello?
Kendall: Hey! Did you know it was me?
Me: yeah. It was pretty obvious considering you took so long to type it yesterday and I never called you any of that.
Kendall: *sniff sniff* (pretends to cry) so I'm not any of that?
Me: I didn't say that. I'm just saying that I never said any of that. And I couldn't have wrote that because I didn't add any new contacts since yours.
Kendall: *laughs* We've gotta be at the studio by 8.
Me: Kay
Kendall: I'll be there around 7:30 to pick you up.
Me: okay bye.
Kendall: bye!
~end call~
Okay it's 6:30 now. I have an hour to get ready. I eat and get a shower. I pick out some dark blue skinny jeans and a blue Hollister shirt that says Hollister So. Cal. Peace. Love. Surf. And it has a little peace sign on it. I also have my black flats. I'm straightening my hair because its crazy today. I put my K necklace on. It's only 7:15 so I have about 15 minutes left til he gets here. I turn on the tv and flip through the channels. I see that Big Time Rush is on. Your probably wondering why an 18 year old is watching Big Time Rush. To be honest, it's hilarious. So that's what I'm watching. I get a text from Kendall saying: "in your hotel parking lot. Come outside."
I reply with: Kay
"Bye guys!" I yell as I leave the room.
I ride the elevator by myself. Creepy. The doors open and Kendall is standing there with flowers.
"What are you doing?" I ask him, smiling.
"I wanted to give you flowers without you expecting it." He says. He hands me the flowers.
"Thanks!" I say smiling.
We hold hands and walk outside. There were a ton of paparazzi. They snapped a jillion pictures but we didn't care. We just got in the car (which they crowded around) and he started it. He just started to drive and eventually the people moved. He said it takes about 20 minutes to get there. The song A-Team comes on. I knew Kendall did a cover of that song for YouTube but I didn't say anything. He starts singing and I just sit there and listen.
"Why don't you sing?" He asks me.
"Fine I'll sing too." So we both sit there, in the car, and sing. Then Call Me Maybe comes on.
"So call me maybe!" Kendall sings (really loudly) and glances at me. I just lose it. I'm laughing hysterically.
"Are Logan, Carlos, and James going to be there?" I ask him.
"Yeah. We have a recording session right after you." He says.
"Ahh cool." I say.
"But I'm gonna watch you. They guys won't be there til the end of yours." He says.
"You don't have to watch me." I say, nervously.
"Yes I do." He says.
"Because I love....your voice." He says, kind of stuttering. Um okay?
"Well thanks." I say.
We get there. We go inside. I've never been in a place like this before.
"Put these on." A guy with says to me while handing me headphones. I go in the little booth. He says to sing the lyrics to the song that plays. It's Bubbly by Colbie Callait. I know these lyrics by heart. So I sing, trying to stay on key. When the song is over, I see Kendall give me a thumbs up. The guy waves, telling me to come out.
"Kristin, that was great! You weren't off key very much and you know all the lyrics. If you just practice this song more, we can start to record it for your demo." The guy says. Kendall is smiling at me and mouthing good job.
"Thanks. I'll be sure to work on it." I say.
"You wanna go through it one more time?" He says
"Sure." I go back in a sing it again.
"Better!" He tells me.
"Thanks!" I say.
"That's good for today. I'll see you again tomorrow." The guys says.
I nod. I go and sit with Kendall.
"That was really good." He says to me.
"Oh, thanks." I reply
"It really was. You have true talent." He says. I look up and smile at him.
"You think so?" I say. He nods. I lean my head on his shoulder. Then three boys come running in through the door. I jump. Kendall looks at me and chuckles. I just shake my head.
"Hey guys," Kendall says as he stands up. "This is Kristin."
"Hey Kristin, I'm Logan."
"I'm Carlos."
"And I'm James."
"Hey." I say.
"There's no reason to be shy around us, trust me. We do stupid things that embarrass us all the time. We just laugh it off." Logan says.
"Ahh." I say.
"So Kendall, why is Kristin here?" Carlos asks.
"She is going to be making a demo. Someone tweeted me a video of her singing and so I got her to come out here." Kendall says.
"Awesome! Lets hear you sing!" James says.
"Umm..." I say.
"Do it Kristin. You are really good." Kendall whispers to me.
"Fine! What do you want me to sing?" I say, sternly.
"Want You Back by Cher Llyod!" Logan yells. I begin to sing.
{after the song}
"Wow. You are really good!" Carlos, James, and Logan yell.
"Thanks" I say blushing.
"Guys, we have to get to work on some new songs. Kristin, I'm gonna have to ask you to step outside. We don't want anyone to hear the songs on the third album before they are released." The guy says.
"Okay, I'll just go outside" I say and walk away.
Since I'll be sitting out here for awhile, I'll log on twitter. I scroll through my feed. I see that more people commented on my video. Then I go to the trends page. That's when I see an add for TMZ's newest article: Kendall and his new Girlfriend? Who is this mystery girl?
Lame title. Maybe I should tell him.. I will later. I click on the article. It just says stuff like "Kendall spotted with blonde at the Hollywood sign. Later at the mall purchasing a necklace with a K on it." Stupid crap like that. And it has pictures of us everywhere. Paparazzi are like stalkers. All of a sudden someone taps me on the shoulder. I jump again. I turn around and it's Kendall.
"Hey." I say.
"You ready to go?" He asks me.
"Yeah." I say.
"It's noon. Do you want to come to my place for lunch?" He asks me.
"Sure." I say, smiling.
"Sierra's on her way out here just so you know. She should be here soon." Kendall says.
"Cool." I say.
We get to his house. It's huge. And it's just him and his brother, Kenneth, who live there.
"What would you like to eat?" He asks me.
"Umm.." I say.
"What's your favorite food?" He asks me.
"Macaroni and Cheese." I say.
"Then that's what we'll have." That's nice of him. I sit down at his kitchen table and wait for him to finish.
"Do you want some help?" I say.
"No, I got it" He replies smiling.
He finally finishes. We eat. This is some really good macaroni and cheese.
"Thanks Kendall." I say
"No problem." He says and smiles.
"You want to go watch a movie?" He asks me.
"Sure." I say and follow him into the living room.
"So I hear you've never seen Mean Girls?" I ask him.
"Geez. I didn't realize everyone knows that." He says.
"Can we watch that?" I say.
"Sure." He says. He turns on Netflix and types in Mean Girls. Almost the entire time I am laughing. He is too but not as much. It's more of a chick flick.
{after the movie}
"Excuse me, I'm getting a call." I say, standing up and walking towards the doorway.
Me: Hello?
Sierra: I'm at the airport.
Me: okay hang on a sec,
"Kendall!" I say.
"Yes?" He looks at me.
"Sierra is here. Can we go pick her up?" I say.
"Yeah." He says.
Me: We'll be there in about 20 minutes.
Sierra: okay see ya.
Me: bye
~end call~
We get in his car and go to the airport.
{15 minutes later}
We are inside now. We just have to find her. Well I have to find her. Kendall doesn't know what she looks like.
"Kristin!" I hear from my right. I turn and see Sierra.
"Hey!" I yell.
"Wazzzuppp gurll?" She says.
"Nothing really. Besides the fact that I'm in LA recording a demo!" I say.
"That's so cool!!" She yells back.
"This is Kendall." I say.
"Hey." He says.
"Hi!" She says (more like yells)
We head out to his car.
"Kendall, can you take us to see the other boys?" I say. Sierra smiles. She has a crush on Logan. She's never admitted it but I can tell.
"Sure." He says. He calls the guys and tells them to all go to Carlos' house.
{at Carlos' house}
"This is James, Carlos, and Logan." I say. They wave.
"James, Carlos, and Logan, this is Sierra." I say. Logan's face lights up when he looks at Sierra. Hehe. That's good.
"Hey guys." She says, quietly. She never talks quietly. Something's up.
"Hey Kristin, can I talk to you for a second?" Logan says to me. I nod and we walk to the other side of the room.
"Kristin, do you think you could get Sierra to go out on a date with me?" He whispers to me. I smile.
"I'm sure I can." I say.
"Thanks." He says. We walk back over to where everyone else is. We all sit and talk. By the time we're done, it's almost 8. Kendall offers to me and Sierra to our hotel.
"Sure." I say. Once we are at our hotel, Sierra checks in. Her room is right next to mine. Kendall walks us up to our rooms. Sierra goes to her to start to unpack. I go to mine and Kendall comes with.
"Hey, if we are going to go out on a date, don't you think I should meet your parents?" He asks me.
"I was just going to ask you that." I say. We walk inside. I introduce him and we have small talk. After, it's almost 10.
"Hey, I should probably get going." He says. He's about to walk out the door when I run up to him and hug him. He smiles and hugs me back. Just then Sierra walks out of her room, we didn't realize that, and she yells "awww!" And takes a picture.
"Heeyy!" I yell. She walks back inside, laughing.
"Thanks for another good time today." I say.
"Same to you." He says.
"Text or call you later and see you tomorrow." He says.
"Okay see ya!" I say. He smiles and walks away. As soon as he's in the elevator, Sierra comes running into my room.
"Dude, spill the deets." She says.
"What deets?" I say.
"About you and Kendall and about what you and Logan were talking about." She says. I told you she likes Logan.
"You like Logan!" I yell.
"Do not!!" She yells back.
"Yes you do." I shot back.
"Okay....I do." She says.
"Good, because he wants you to go out on a date with him." I say. You should have seen her face.
"Well I say yes." She says.
"Okay. We can tell him tomorrow." I say. She leaves and I go to bed.
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