Kendall and I

hey! this is my first fanfic! its about a girl who wants to become a singer and just might get her chance :)


24. It's Your Birthday! Part Two

-Kendall's P.O.V-
"Okay guys you wait here while I go up to Kristin's room to get her." I tell them as I walk towards the doors.
"Okay!" Sierra and Logan yell.
*knock knock*
"Oh hey Kendall." She says in the sweetest voice.
"Hey Kristin! Happy 19th birthday!" I say hugging her and spinning her around.
"Oh thanks." She says laughing while trying not to fall over.
"Let's go down and chill by the pool." I say to her. She nods and we walk to the elevators.
-Kristin's P.O.V-
I can't tell if he actually did plan anything. Man he's good at this! I know he did but then just seems like he didn't because of his actions and stuff. Hmm...I don't know.
"Surprise!" I hear a bunch of people yell as he and I walk into the pool area. I see all my friends: Sierra, Logan, Carlos, James, Alexa, and Halston and my family: my mom and dad. Along with a cake and some gifts.
"Now I know you didn't want a party but I had to do something.." He starts but I turn to him and kiss him.
"Kendall," I say after "this is amazing. It's just my style." I continue smiling. He smiles.
"Did you get cupcakes or real cake?" I hear James yell. We all know how he loves cupcakes.
"I got a real cake." Kendall says.
"What? Really?" He yells. Kendall just shakes his head and walks over to where the cake is. He cuts the cake and gives it out to everyone. I insist on getting my piece last. We take our pieces and go sit by our friends. Kendall and I sit side by side on one of those beach chairs.
"Kristin, you can't eat it with dainty little bites, you gotta eat it like this." He says, putting a bunch of cake on his fork and shoving it in my face. I let him of course. I think it's hilarious.
"Thanks," I cough "for that." I can finally finish.
"Your welcome!" He smirks. I roll my eyes and laugh.
"Time for presents!" Sierra yells, sounding really excited....almost like its her birthday.
"Okay!" I say while everyone grabs their gifts and sits down around me. I open all my gifts except for Kendall's. I'm saving his for last. I got some nice jewelry from Sierra and Logan, a $100 Olive Garden gift card from Halston and James, a visa gift card for $100 from Alexa and Carlos, and a couple different gift cards for quite a bit of money from my parents. I'm in gift card world!
"Thanks guys!" I say to all of them.
"For gosh sakes, forget about thanking Kendall's!" Sierra yells even though she's right across from me. I roll my eyes and look over at Kendall. He's holding a small box covered in purple wrapping paper along with a little bow thing. He's smiling at me. He hands it to me and I open it.
"Oh my God! Kendall! It's beautiful!" I yell.
"A beautiful necklace set for a beautiful girl." He says, taking the necklace and putting it around my neck.
"That must've cost a ton!" I say. I have a feeling it did.
"It doesn't matter the price." He says.
"I know." I say, hugging him.
"Thanks." I say looking up into his green eyes, with tears forming in mine.
"You're welcome." He says, kissing me.
"Okay guys, enough with the kissing!" Sierra says. We stop and I roll my eyes.
"Really?!" I yell.
"Yes 'really'!" She says mimicking me. I roll my eyes and she laughs. We talk and hang out until it gets dark outside.
"Okay see ya guys!" I say as Carlos, James, Alexa, and Halston leave.
"Bye!" They yell and wave. Sierra and Logan leave soon after. Kendall and I stay out to look at the stars. We talk and hang out until I almost fall asleep and he walks me back to my room.
"G'night." I say kissing and hugging him.
"Night." He smiles and waves.
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