Kendall and I

hey! this is my first fanfic! its about a girl who wants to become a singer and just might get her chance :)


23. It's Your Birthday Part One

-Kristin's P.O.V: Back from Boardwalk: At Kendall's House-
"Hey when's your birthday?" He asks me while he changes the channel. Crap crap crap! I don't want him doing anything for it! And today is May 31st. My birthday is June 1st. DARN IT.
"Why?" I ask.
"Because I would like to know when my girlfriend's birthday is." He responds with a 'duh' voice.
"What if I don't tell you?" I say with a smirk.
"Don't worry. I'll find out." He says also with a smirk.
"Excuse me while I go make a phone call." He says going to the kitchen. Five minutes later he comes back.
"Umm yes." I say. Crap! He found out. He smiles.
"Kendall I DO NOT want you to throw a party or get me anything." He looks at me with puppy dog eyes.
"No." I say to him. He sits down next to me and looks me straight in the eye.
"Can't I at least get you a gift?" He asks me.
"No." I say.
"Pleaseeeeeee!" He asks.
"No I don't need a gift! I already have a gift."
"And what would that be?"
"My boyfriend." I say. He kisses me. I giggle.
"And that." I say. He kisses me again. I smile.
"All I want is to be with the ones I love." I say smiling at him. I can tell he already has a plan forming. I'll let it go.
"I guess I should get going." I say sighing. He walks me to the door. We kiss and I leave. I get a message almost thirty seconds later saying; "I miss you already." I smile and sigh.
"Miss you too." I type back.
-Kendall's P.O.V-
I didn't want her to leave already but I need to set something up for her birthday and get her a gift. I gotta call Logan so I can get ahold of Sierra.
-Phone Call-
"Hello, Logan's cell, this is Sierra speaking." Sierra says.
"Okay dude really?" I respond.
"Yes really."
"Okay well I need to talk to you."
"Can you get all the guys and Kristin's parents to agree to meeting at the hotel pool or something for her birthday?"
"Sure." She says.
"Thanks bye." I say and hang up. I gotta go get her a gift.
-At the Mall-
What to get. What to get. Hmmm. Ah hah! Perfect. This jewelry set that has a heart necklace, matching bracelet, and earrings. I pay and leave. Sierra told me that she got everyone to agree to come we just have to get Kristin there. I got that under control. I can go to sleep easy now, haha.
Author's Note:
Hey! Sorry for not updating! Been busy with my family and my other story. Sorry if this is sucky. I'm going to add a part two soon! Thanks for all the views and favorites! :)

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