Kendall and I

hey! this is my first fanfic! its about a girl who wants to become a singer and just might get her chance :)


12. Inside Joke/ (A/N)

Kristin's P.O.V
-At The Hotel Room-
"Whatcha all smiley about?" I ask her as she walks inside.
"Okay nobody says nothing like that so spill."
"Would you just freaking tell me already?!" I yell at her.
"Logan and I.."
"Logan and you what?" I already know what it was but I want her to say it.
"Had our first kiss."
"Oh my gosh! That's awesome!!"
"I know right?! It was like the most amazing thing! It felt like fireworks!"
"Woah that's what I said when Kendall and I shared out first kiss!"
"Oh my God! Robots twins!" And we both bust out laughing.
"That's hilarious! We are robot twins. It's official." I say, crying because I'm laughing so much. I look up and see Kendall walk out of the bathroom.
"Is everything alright out here? I heard tons of laughter and yelling.." He asks us.
"Yeah, yeah. Everything's fine." I spit out before bursting out laughing again.
"Uhh...okay. You guys are weird.." Kendall says, looking at us like we're crazy.
"It's an inside joke we've had since we were like 14 years old." Sierra tells him once we finally stop laughing.
"Can I know the joke?" He asks. She looks at me, I look at her and we both turn towards Kendall and say,
"Haha! No."
"Cuz it's an inside joke!" I say.
"But I just want to know the meaning!"
"Okay okay we'll tell you." I say.
"It was when we were in eighth grade," I start,
"And we were texting each other," Sierra continues.
"And I told her that its creepy how alike we are because a lot of things we would do at the same time or whatever," I say.
"And somehow we ending up saying that we were robot twins. It was hilarious!" She finishes the story.
"You guys are so strange." He says to us.
"We know that." I say.
Sorry for the cruddy little chapter. I'm having a bit of writer's block so I decided to write this little blurb about Kristin and Sierra. Oh yeah, btw Sierra is based off of my Best Friend Sierra (@SierraStyles218 if you haven't read her stories, you should!) anyway....

So yeah, I will update as soon as I think of something else to write!
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