Kendall and I

hey! this is my first fanfic! its about a girl who wants to become a singer and just might get her chance :)


34. Home From Tour


*Three Months Later* 

"This just in, the Big Time Rush tour bus has crashed. Boyband me members Logan, James, and Carlos are doing fine. The other member Kendall has some injuries, no word on major or minor." The news broadcaster says. 

"On the way back from their three month tour, the bus driver lost control and crashed." I'm devastated. Kendall. My Kendall. I burst into tears. I grab the phone and dial Sierra. 

"Hello?" She says sounding half asleep.

"GET THE HELL UP THE BOYS CRASHED!" I yell into the phone.

"What?! How are they?!" 

"Logan, Carlos, and James are fine..." I start. 

"Oh K-Kristin I'm sorry." She says, "I'll be over to drive you to the hospital." I can't speak or I'll cry. She knows that and hangs up. 


"Kristin?" This guy comes out and says. 

"Y-yes?" I stutter. 

"We think Kendall has some memory loss. He can't remember anything that happened that day, we aren't sure about anything else yet." That just makes me cry more.

"C-can I see him?" 

"Of course." The guy says. I follow him back to the room Kendall's in. He opens the door and I walk inside. Kendall's got scratches and bruises all over his face, a bandage on the side of his forehead, and a cast on his arm. He opens his eyes ever so slightly. I smile at him. 

"Who, who are you?" Kendall says. This is what I feared. I take a deep breath, this is going to be a long night.

"I'm your fiancée." I say. Putting my hand out, I show him the ring. 

"Kristin." I continue on. He still looks confused. 

"We met about eight months ago, you saw my video and asked me to come out here, and I did. Eventually we fell in love." I say almost in tears again. Gotta stay strong, just stay strong. 

"Am I in a band?" He asks. Well at least he remembers something. 

"Yes you are. You're an actor on a tv show too." I say half smiling. He nods.

"Big Time Rush." He says. I smile.

"Yup that's it." 

"You're really pretty." He says. Back to square one. 

"Thank you." I say blushing. He still makes me blush. I have a feeling we won't be "engaged" for much longer. 

"Can you tell me about yourself?" He says. I nod.

"I was born in Pennsylvania. I went to school in a small town. I posted videos every Friday of me singing. When I was eighteen, you saw one of my videos. I came out here. Soon you asked me out and we fell in love, we had our ups and downs but we were a strong couple, I think. My album came out a three months ago, you asked me to marry you, I said yes. You went on tour and now here we are." He nods.

"I don't remember anything that happened in the last few months." He says sounding sad. 

"Don't worry, you're a good guy, never did anything wrong." I say smiling. This just is making me insane. Why did this happen to me. I wait for Kendall to fall asleep and I slip the ring off my finger, set it on the bedside tray, and head home. I need time to think. What if his memory doesn't come back? Would he try to reconnect with me? Would we just end our relationship? 

*days later* 
I go and visit Kendall everyday. *ring ring* 

"Hello?" I say, it was a unknown number. 

"Kristin?" I hear Kendall's voice on the other end. 

"Yes?" I say. 

"Can you come here as soon as possible?" He says.

"Of course." I say.

"Okay see you." He says hanging up. I get in my car and drive to the hospital. 

-at the hospital-

I walk into his room and see him sitting up, watching tv. 

"Hey." I say sitting in a chair next to him. "Whatcha watching?" He gives me a puzzled look.

"Kris what are you talking about?" He says like I'm talking in a foreign language. I give him a weird look. He looks around and realizes that we are in the hospital. 

"W-what's going on?" He continues. 

"You're in the hospital Kendall, your tour bus crashed." 

"Where's your ring? Why did you take it off?" He continues on frantically, confusing the crap out of me. Wait Kris, being confused, he's got his memory back! Well most of it. 

"Kendall, I didn't know how long you were going to not remember me so I took it off and set it over there. " I say pointing to the table next to him. He picks it up.

"S-so I forgot you?" He says with tears in his eyes. I nod. He buries his head in his hands. Well kind of.

"Oh Kendall," I start to say. 

"Baby, I'm so sorry. Please, can you tell me, are we still a couple?" I look at him with wide eyes. 

"That's not entirely up to me." I say. He motions for me to come closer. 

"What is it?" I say quietly. 

"Will you marry me?" He asks again. I'm in shock. 


Hello! How'd ya like that? Bit of a plot twist right? >:) What will Kristin say? Only time will tell.... ;) 

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