Kendall and I

hey! this is my first fanfic! its about a girl who wants to become a singer and just might get her chance :)


3. Going Big Time

Okay, okay. Calm down Kristin. It will be okay. I'm sure they won't even see the video. Oh who am I kidding? They love to interact with their fans.

~Calling Sierra~

Sierra: Hello?

Me: I am freaking out!

Sierra: Why?

Me: What if they see my video?

Sierra: Wouldn't that be a good thing?

Me: No! Because I'm not even THAT good at singing.

Sierra: Are you kidding me? You can't be serious. That was the first time I have ever heard you sing solo and it sounded great. You sound like a famous singer already. I looked at your other videos. They have almost 1 million hits! You cant tell me that people don't think your good because obviously, someone does.

Me: But-

Sierra: It will be fine.

Me: I hope so.

Sierra: Go check your notifications and see who has been commenting on your video. Bye

Me: okay bye

~End Call~

My mentions are flooded. Til I look through them all it will be midnight!

{5 Minutes Later}

OH MY GOD! KENDALL RETWEETED THE VIDEO! AND HE SAID THAT I AM AN AMAZING SINGER! AND THEN HE FOLLOWED ME! AND HE DM'D ME! His message says that he wants to talk to his manager and show him the video (with my permission) because he thinks I'm a really good singer. He also said that he would love to collaborate on a song with me!

Here's my response:

"Thanks! You can show him that video if you really think I'm that good. You are my biggest inspiration in music and I would love to collaborate with you on a song."

I made it sound like I'm not having a total spaz attack and that I'm a normal person. I'm just a Rusher. But this is so exciting. I can't tell anyone. I mean ANYONE. Except for my parents if something actually happens. I don't want Kendall to get bombarded with tweets or paparazzi because he's been tweeting a fan secretly. I need to just go chill. I head down to the living room and switch on Friends. My phone's lighting up now during the second episode. My heart starts racing because I'm so nervous. It's from Kendall. I need to just stay calm. The message says: "Hey, Kristin. I showed my manager your video. He thought you sounded great and he wants you to come out to LA for a little while to record a demo. We need to know as soon as possible. Please let me know"

Oh. My Gosh! THE Kendall Schmidt and his manager asked me to go out to LA to record a demo! This is so surreal. I think I should go. Well..maybe not. I don't know what to do. Someone once said "Opportunities like this come once in a lifetime. Now grab onto that dream with both hands, and go BIG TIME." (Kendall Schmidt as Kendall Knight) I've always thought this was an inspiring quote, so you know what, I'm going to take a chance and go big time (pun intended). I just have to ask my parents. Hopefully they'll say yes. It's not like I'd be missing that much school. I'm in 12th grade and its May. There's only two weeks left of school and I have good grades so I'm sure everything would work out.

~Calling Mom~

Mom: Hello?

Me: Hey Mom!

Mom: Hey, so what's up?

Me: You know how I do a video every Friday and I post it on YouTube?

Mom: Yes, why?

Me: Well, Kendall-one of the guys from Big Time Rush-saw that video. He showed it to his manager and he loved it. They want me to go out to LA and record a demo. So, can we go?

Mom: Yes

Me: But this is- wait did you say yes?

Mom: Yeah

Me: Oh my gosh! Thanks Mom! I'm so shocked that you said yes!

Mom: Well, I've always known that you were a good singer and that you've wanted to become a singer. Now your opportunity has come so, why not?

Me: Thanks Mom.

Mom: No problem. You probably should start packing your things. I will be home soon to pack.

Me: Okay, bye

Mom: Bye

~End Call~

Well I gotta get packing! Well, I should probably tell Kendall first. I write: "I'm so psyched that he liked my video. My family and I would love to come out and record a demo. Where and when should we fly..?" Now that I got that done, I need to start packing. I'm not bringing all of my things. Only small things like clothes, shoes, toothbrush, ect. My phone is lighting up again. It's Kendall tweeting me. He says: "That's great! We have payed for your tickets and we have a private jet being flown out to your local airport-The Philadelphia Airport. It will be there around 4 pm. Once you get here, there will be a person holding a sign with your name on it. He will take you to the hotel you will be staying at. Afterwards, you can go sight-see or whatever for the day. Have a nice time :)" Gosh, he is so nice. It makes me smile like an idiot but I don't care.

"Kris!" I hear my mom yell. Huh, I wonder when she got here. I didn't here her come in.

"What?" I yell back.

"We are ready to go, are you?" she says.

"Yeah. I'll be down in a sec" I grab my phone charger and laptop and head out. We get into my FJ Cruiser and leave. It's about a two hour drive from here to the airport. To be honest, I am TERRIFIED of airplanes. But hey, how else am I gonna get there? I should probably respond back to Kendall so he knows I got the directions. Here's what I say: "You didn't need to do all of that for us but thanks. I'm not sure if we'll do anything since we don't know anyone or where anything is. Hopefully we can figure something out. Thanks for paying for our tix and hotel!"

{2 hours later}

We just got to the airport. I'm terrified. I am shaking like crazy! I'm gonna go walk to the store they have to get some magazines to read during the flight to hopefully distract me. I'm getting J-14 and Bop. I know they are tween magazines but that's all they had. I sit down and start to skim my magazines.

"Excuse me, are you Miss Kristin?" a lady just walked up and asked me.

"Um..yes" I say, puzzled.

"Could you and your family please follow me to your airplane?" she says.

We are walking behind her. We walk outside to a huge private jet. I mean HUGE. We board.

{6 hours later}

We have finally landed! Thank God!! We go into the airport. I don't see that guy anywhere. Oh wait, there he is. The sign he's holding says "Miss Kristin and Family" I burst out laughing. Now everyone's staring at me. I walk quickly towards him and he takes us outside to a black limo. This is my first time riding in a limo. Let me just tell you that it's awesome. {10 minutes later} We have just arrived at our hotel. We go check in and put our bags in our room. I better check my messages to see if Kendall responded. He did. It says: "Really, it's no problem for us. If you message me when you get to your hotel, I can come and show you guys around, if you would like. It's my day off so I would love to show you around."  Well I know what I'm doing today. I don't if my parents want to come.

"Hey guys?" I say.

"Yes?" They both say in unsision. I hate it when they do that. Its so creepy!

"Kendall said that he can show us around. Do you want to come or,"

"You can go. Your father and I will probably just look at nearby things." my mom says.

"Okay thanks! I'll be back by 10:30." I say.

"Okay, have a good time." she says.

I write to Kendall: "Hey, we are at our hotel. My parents said they would like to go see thing close to our hotel. They said I can come with you though." Almost 3 seconds later, I get a response. "Cool :) I'll be there in 20. See ya soon!" I can't believe I am going to spend the day with the Kendall Schmidt. This week has been great :)

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