Kendall and I

hey! this is my first fanfic! its about a girl who wants to become a singer and just might get her chance :)


15. Exes

-Back at My Place-
So we're back at my place. Kendall dropped us off and Logan went home. I can tell that she's gonna ask me what happened. I just know it. She closes the door and walks over to where I'm sitting on the couch.
"Hey Kristin!" She says all happily.
"You want me to tell you what happened between me and my last boyfriend, don't you?" I say, sighing.
"Please?" She begs me.
"Okay, here we go. So one day, I was sitting at lunch, and I was waiting for him to come and sit down. You weren't there by the way, you were on vacation or something. Anyway, he comes and he sits by me and says "Ugh Kristin." And I was like what did I do? And so he says something like "I want to break up." And so I ask why and he says that he doesn't like me. So I say fine whatever and leave the table. I ran into the bathroom and started to cry. I was so heartbroken. I loved that guy. Or at least at the time I did. When there was five minutes of lunch left, I went back into the cafeteria and you wanna know what I saw? I saw him WITH ANOTHER GIRL! His ex-girlfriend. I was even more heartbroken." By now I'm full on sobbing. "And I realized that he was just using me. I just became so depressed. I didn't know what to do. My mom was scared that I was going to do self harm or you know, the make yourself throw up thing. I wasn't considering any of that but I did become depressed. I went to therapy every Thursday. That's why I was always busy on Thursday nights. And I told myself that I never wanted to date a guy again. I developed trust issues and I didn't want to date anyone else. But then, when I met Kendall, everything changed. I knew he would never do anything to hurt me. And that if I ever had the chance to date him...gosh that would be nice. And look at what happened? I'm dating him. And he is the sweetest, most caring boyfriend I've ever had." I finally finish, still sobbing.
"Why didn't you tell me? I would've helped you cope with the break up." She asks me.
"Honestly, I have no idea. I just didn't." I say sighing.
"Well it's over with now. But I can say one thing, if you ever need to talk to me, I'm right here. Well not literally. Or just a text or call away." She says.
"Same here. If you ever need to talk I'm a text or call away." I say.
"Okay well I wanna ask Logan what that girl's name was."
"Okay let's go to his house." I say.
-at Logan's house-
Sierra knocks on the door.
"Hey guys! What are you doing here so late?" He asks.
"I wanted to ask you a question." Sierra says.
"What is it?" He asks. We go inside and sit on his fancy couch.
"What is that girls name?" She asks him.
"Alexa." He says
"Alexa who?"
"Alexa Micheals." He says. I look at her and she looks at me.
"OH MY GOD!" We both say at the same time.
"What? What is it?" Logan asks with a worried look.
"We used to go to school with her! She moved away in 8th grade! All three of us were really good friends. And I heard she was dating Liam Payne. Why would she want to date you?" Sierra says.
"So she was trying to cheat on her boyfriend with me? Oh God!" Logan says.
"And she just tweeted me the other day about Kendall and I going on a double date with her and Liam! What is this?!" I say.
"And she knows I'm dating Logan! And I thought we were still friends! That little beach!" Sierra says.
"Why don't I invite her to come to the coffee shop and have you two come along and hide and then we can have a with her." Logan says.
"Good idea!" Sierra says and I nod. We head out to Logan's red mustang and drive to the local Starbucks.
"She gave me her number so I'll call her." He said digging around in his pockets WHILE driving.
"Woah woah stop. I still have it from when we were friends." Sierra says.
She dials the number into Logan's phone and hands it to him. After the fourth ring Alexa picks up.
"Heyy Logie!" She says.
"Hi Alexa." He says flatly.
"What's up?"
"Can you come to the Starbucks at the mall plaza? I need to talk to you." He says.
"Yeah sure I'll be there as soon as I can." She says and he hangs up.
-At Starbucks-
"Alright, you two go sit on the other side of the room towards the back and keep your faces hidden. I will give you this signal," he scratches his head, "and you two should casually walk up to us." He says.
"Got it." We say. Sierra takes us back to the table in the far corner. We see Alexa coming so we pretend to study the menus. She sits down and she starts to act all flirty again.
"So why did you all of a sudden want to get back together with me?" I overhear Logan say.
"Well....I just....I don't know....miss you and your hugs and kisses..." She says with a flirty voice. I look at Sierra and her face is red with anger. I can see it in her eyes.
"Huh....because when you dumped me it didn't seem that way." He said.
"Well things have changed." She says.
"No! Nothing's changed! I'm still Logan Henderson! The only difference is that I'm in a boyband now!" He says to her. Then he does the signal. Sierra and get up and casually stroll over to their table.
"Oh look who it is!" Logan says.
"It's Kristin and Sierra!" Alexa looks up and stares at us.
"Hey Alexa! Long time no see!" Sierra says.
"Yeah....hey...." She says.
"So I hear you've been hitting on my man..." Sierra says.
"What? No no no that was just a joke..." She says quietly.
"I'm sure it was." Sierra says and glares at her.
"But let me tell you something," Sierra starts "you leave my man alone. You dumped him. He's over you. Can't you get that through your head? He. No likey. You." Sierra says in mean voice.
"So you can go back to Liam and we won't tell anyone." I say. She gets up and storms out.
"Nice job." Logan says.
"You guys could be actors!" He continues.
"Maybe someday.." I say.
"I'm just glad she's out of our hair." Sierra says and looks at Logan.
"I would've never dated her, I don't like her. I didn't like her as much as I love you now" he says and they kiss.
"Get a room!" I yell, jokingly.
"Shut up." Sierra says laughing.
"It's getting pretty late....maybe we should get back." I say yawning.
"Oh yeah. It's almost midnight." Sierra continues.
"I'll drive you guys home." Logan says.
"Thanks." We say and head home.
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