Kendall and I

hey! this is my first fanfic! its about a girl who wants to become a singer and just might get her chance :)


26. Everything's Ok, Right?

-Kristin's P.O.V-
Today I woke up feeling mostly better. It's been a few days since they ALL came here to visit me. Actually it's been three. I haven't been in the studio which isn't good. Today I'm going. I feel fine so hopefully I sound somewhat okay. Kendall's coming around 12 to take me to lunch and then we are going to the studio. I have a bit of a tickle in my throat but I suspect it will get better soon. Okay I need to get around. I go over to the dresser thing and take out a black t shirt that has birds and music notes on it. They are kinda swirled together. And they are multiple colors. It's one of my favorite shirts. I also take out my skinny jeans and my black flats. I head over to take a shower. The water at this hotel is FREEZING! I take a quick shower and get out. I wrap my hair up with the towel and get dressed. After, I let my hair back down. I go over to the sink and grab my hairbrush and blow dryer. I turn it on and brush my hair while simultaneously let the warm air dry my hair and warm me up. I turn the dyer off once my hair is most of the way dry. I take my small purple makeup pouch off the counter and bring it to the sink. I grab my mascara first. I manage to get it on, make it look good, and not hurt my eye! I'm so proud of myself. Just kidding. Anyway, I search around for my lip gloss. My favorite shade. I've always used it since I was around fourteen years old. I just found it and loved it so I kept using it! I apply just the right about of that. Alright looks good. I grab my brush and go through my hair one more time and...done. *knock knock*
"COMING!" I yell as I unplug my phone and shove it in my pocket. I slip my flats on as I pass the closet/coat rack thing. I open the door to Kendall.
"Hey lovely." He says smiling as I move out of the way.
"Hey Ken-dall." I say smiling back at him.
"You seem a lot better today." He says as he sits down on my bed.
"I feel it too. I just hope my throat is kinda hurts."
"Are you sure you wanna sing?" He asks me with a somewhat worried look.
"Yes Kendall. I'll be fine." I tell him. He shrugs and says,
"Okay, well, let's go to lunch!" He says.
"Yes let's go!" I say, grabbing his hand and our fingers intertwine or whatever you wanna call it. We walk out the door, down to the elevators. We step inside and I smile, looking over at him. I smile everytime I ride this elevator. My first kiss with him was in here, and I will never forget it. He smiles back at me. We walk out hand in hand.
-At the restaurant-
"You sure you're voice is okay?" He asks after he finishes his food.
"Yes I'm sure. I'm sure it's probably nothing." I tell him in an angry tone. At least I hope it's nothing. We finish in silence. To be honest, I'm a little annoyed that he didn't stop asking. But he looks so sad like that. He doesn't say anything to me. Doesn't hold my hand, doesn't do anything. I'm thinking that he's angry. He drives down the road. I sit in silence.
"Kendall?" I finally say.
"Yes?" He says sounding almost.....sad.
"I'm sorry if I seemed a little snappy back there." I say looking out the window longingly.
"I only asked so many times because I care about you. I want you to be as healthy as can be. You're amazing, Kristin. I just don't want anything to happen to you." He says. A smile comes across my face. I turn and look at him.
"Thank you, Kendall." I say quietly.
"For what?" He asks.
"Everything! What you just said really meant something to me." I say trailing off.
"I say those things because I mean it. I mean every single word. I love you and I can't bare to see you sick or hurt or anything. It crushes're the best thing that has ever happened to me." He says. I smile and nod because if I speak....I will cry. And he knows it so he smiles too. He then puts out his right hand in a gesture to hold it, which I do.
"I love you and you are the best thing that has ever happened to me." I can finally say. He smiles and I smile. I know that he means every word he said and I'm pretty sure he knows that I mean every word I said.
-At the Studio-
We are standing in the lobby waiting. We got here a little early.
"You wanna make a Keek?" I ask him.
"You have a Keek?" He asks me in return.
"Yes I do." I say.
"Alright!" He says with a smirk. I just smile and start up the app.
"Hey guys!" I say into the phone.
"This is Kendall as I'm sure you all know...and we are in the studio!" I say. Kendall smiles and waves. He the takes my phone and runs away with it.
"Hey guys! It's Kendall! Just wanted to say that Kristin's awesome! And yes if you haven't figured it out by know...she's my girlfriend!" He says as he keeps running.
"I only have like 8 seconds left so love all my rushers from Kristin and I..." He stands next to me and puts his arm around me. We smile into the camera and the video time is up. I post it.
"What is wrong with you?!" I say playfully hitting him.
"What do you mean?" He says smirking.
"You know what I mean.." I say putting my arms around his neck and looking him in the eye, smiling.
"Yeah...I do....I also know this." He says and kisses me. I always get the best feeling in the world when I kiss him. God I just love it. I smile at him. I cough. Wow I just ruined that moment.
"You okay?" He asks me looking worried now.
"Hmm-yeah fine."
"Kristin," he says with his hands still around my waste.
"I'll be fine." I say with a smile. But honestly, I'm not sure what's wrong. My throat is killing me now. He still looks at me worriedly.
"Kristin, I really don't think that this just randomly happens. I'm taking you to the hospital." He says and drags me outside.
"Kendall-no stop-Kendall! Kendall! Will. you. please. listen!" He stops dead in his tracks and turns around to me. He pulls me in close and stares down into my eyes. His are so wonderful and amazing.
"No, I can't." He says but before I could say anything, he kisses me. We break apart and I can't help but smile. He smiles to but then quickly goes back to being worried.
"I don't want anything happening to you so we are going to the hospital." He says with worry in his eyes. I nod and we walk outside, hand in hand. I have tears in my eyes because that is the sweetest thing someone has ever said to me. Well that and all the other amazing things he has said to me.
-At the hospital-
After two hours we finally get to see the doctor. He takes us back to a little room thing. I sit on the bed thing and Kendall sits on one of the chairs.
-1 long hour later-
"Well, erm, Kristin, this news probably isn't what you were expecting." He says. I look up from my seat on the bed. I was fearing this. I didn't want this to happen. My throat is killing me.
"You have nodules on your vocal chords." The doctor tells me. My eyes go wide and I can't speak. Kendall puts his head in his hands.
"W-what?" I say quietly with tears forming in my eyes.

Hey! Sorry for not updating! D: I was sick at the beginning of the week and well....towards the week got drama filled. Long story short, basically I didn't have time to update. Sorry! Hope you like this chapter though! Thanks :)

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