Kendall and I

hey! this is my first fanfic! its about a girl who wants to become a singer and just might get her chance :)


13. Double Date

Now that our little laugh fest is over, I ask Sierra and Kendall if they want to head down to the boardwalk.
"Sure. But can I invite Logan?" She asks.
"Well of course!" I say, chuckling.
So she calls Logan.
"Hey Logan." She says and puts him on speaker.
"Hey Sierra! I was just gonna call you because I can't stop thinking about you." I get up and walk over to Kendall so we can die in silent laughter together.
"Awe. That's sweet. I was actually gonna ask you if you wanted to come down to the boardwalk with Kristin, Kendall, and I." She says.
"Sure. What time and are we meeting before or"
"Come to Kristin's place as soon as you can."
"Okay see ya soon."
"See ya."
And she hangs up. Kendall and I can finally laugh.
"I've never heard him say a thing like that to a girl!" Kendall says laughing.
"Really? Now I feel special." Sierra says and smiles.
"Haha you would." I say.
"I'm gonna go get changed into different clothes." I say, heading into the bathroom with my suitcase. I take out a pink t shirt from Delia*s that has a music note on it. Also some dark blue skinny jeans. I grab my black vans, which I love, and a music note necklace. I put my hair up in a pony tail and head out to the other room.
"Nice shoes!" Kendall says as he looks at my new outfit.
"Oh yeah! Thanks." I say and sit down next to him.
"I'm gonna go get changed now." Sierra says.
Sierra's P.O.V
I take my suitcase and head over to the bathroom. When I was back in Pennsylvania, I grabbed some of my other clothes. I grab out my shirt from Delia*s that is green. It has sunglasses on it and it says "Legit." I also grab my white jeans. I got these brand new shoes from Delia*s (as you can tell, I really like Delia*s clothes) . They are called Adora High Tops. They are black, green, pink and Zebra. I haven't worn them yet but I love the colors. After I put them on, I grab my pink sunglasses necklace and head outside.
"Hey Sierra!" I hear Logan's voice echo across the room.
"Logan!" I say and run over to him.
"Nice outfit." He says.
"What? Oh thanks." I say blushing. I knew he would like this outfit. It's basically his style but in a girl way. Get it?
"So you guys ready to go?" Kristin asks as she stands up holding Kendall's hand. They make a really cute couple. I would've never thought that me and my best friend would be dating two famous people who are friends. How ironic.
Kristin's P.O.V.
"I'm gonna take that as a yes." I say as I walk over towards the door.
"Are you coming?" I say as Kendall and I head out the door.
"Hello!! Earth to Logan!" Kendall yells.
"Oh yeah we're coming!" Logan finally says after he snaps back to reality. They are a cute couple. They are so perfect for each other. I know Sierra loves him and by just looking at the way his face lights up or how is mood changes when she's around, I can tell he loves her too. Who would've thought that my best friend and I would be dating two awesome guys from the same band.
-At the Boardwalk-
"This place is huge!" I say (almost yell)
"I know! Way bigger than the ones in New Jersey and Maryland!" Sierra says.
"Wow I didn't realize that there was some smaller than this." Kendall says.
"On the east coast they are really small." I say.
And so on that note we start walking on the boardwalk. We walk for a little bit until we see one of those shirt shops.
"Let's go in there." Kendall says, smiling and winking. Oh Lord, what has he got planned? Logan and Kendall go off towards the back of the store. Sierra and I stay up towards the front.
"I wonder what they're doing." I say.
"Same here. Probably something weird." She says.
"Haha probably." I say.
"Kristin, Sierra, come back here please!" I hear Kendall yell from the back of the store. So we head to the back.
"Close your eyes." Logan says and we are about to them. So we close our eyes. I hear bags crumpling.
"Okay Open!" Kendall says.
And we open our eyes. They got us customized tshirts that say, "I'm with him" with an arrow pointing in their directions. Haha that only works if they are standing on a certain side of us but its still cute.
"Awww they're so cute!" I say.
"Yeah they totally are!" Sierra says. Then they pull out two more tshirts that say, "I Love Kristin." And another that says "I Love Sierra."
"And I love you too." I say kissing Kendall.
"And I love you too." Sierra says, hugging and kissing Logan. We all put our tshirts back in the bags and head out of the store.
"You guys want to go in the haunted house?" Kendall asks.
"Uhh...I'd rather not." I say. I HATE haunted houses.
"Yeah me either." Sierra says.
"Oh come on. It'll be fun and we're here to protect you two lovely ladies." Kendall says.
"Please??" Logan begs us, looking at Sierra with puppy dog eyes.
"Fine! I'll go but if your deaf when you come out, don't say I didn't warn you." Sierra says to him.
"I won't be deaf." He says.
"Will I have to worry about being deaf?" Kendall asks me.
"No, I don't really scream it just scares me. Sometimes I cry. Like when we watched Paranormal Actvitiy..." I trail off.
"Oh yeah! Remember it's all fake." He says.
"Yeah but it's still scary!" I say.
"True." He says.
And we walk over to the line.
"Two tickets please." They attendant guy says and Kendall hands the man to two tickets.
"You ready?" He says, smiling.
"Yeah" I say, trying not to cry before I even go in there. We sit down in the cart and the ride starts.
"Have fun!" I hear Sierra yell.
As soon as we pass through the doors, a guy jumps out as us. I basically had a heart attack. Kendall holds my hand. I'm trying to hold back my tears but its very difficult! Things keep jumping out at us every 5 freaking seconds!
"You're gonna cut off the circulation to my fingers." Kendall says. That's when I realize that I was squeezing his hand as hard as I could.
"Oh..haha sorry." I say with a nervous laugh. Our cart finally gets to the exit.
"Oh thank God!" I say and we get out of the cart. "Good luck Logan. She might scream her head off." I say to Logan.
-After their ride is over-
"I think I'm deaf." Logan says once they walk over to us.
"I told you." Sierra says, playfully hitting him.
"You guys wanna go get some pizza and ice cream? We know this really cool place down the boardwalk a little." Kendall says.
"Yeah sure." I say and Sierra nods. And so we head down the boardwalk. Sierra and I got some glares...and some smiles.
-At the Pizza Place-
"1 medium-what kind do you guys want?" Kendall yells to us.
"Pepperoni." Logan tells him.
-Eating Pizza-
"What?" Sierra looks at Logan and says.
"Nothing." He says while smiling.
"Okay seriously, what is it? Do I have something on my face?" She asks.
"No. I was looking at you because I like watching you eat. It's cute." He says.
"Thanks I think. But that's a little weird." She says.
"Aren't we all?" He says.
Kendall keeps hitting me with his left elbow. I can't tell if its on purpose or if he's doing it accidentally.
"Hey Kendall, whatcha doin?" I ask him.
"What do you mean?"
"Well, you keep hitting my arm."
"Oh really..huh I had no idea."
"Haha very funny."
"Okay it was because I wanted you to look at me."
"Because I wanted to see your beautiful face." He says.
"Well here it is." I say looking at him. He smiles.
-After Pizza and Ice Cream-
We start walking down the boardwalk. By now it's almost 7 o clock. It's pretty dark outside.
Kendall and Logan want to play some dart game to win us each a giant stuffed pig that we said we wanted.
"Hit the red dot, you will choice prize." The old lady says.
Kendall wasted $5 already.
"Kendall stop wasting your money." I say to him.
"I want to win you that pig. So I will keep trying until I do." So he keeps trying and trying. Eventually, around the 20th try, he hits the red target.
"Alright, choice prize." The old lady says. She sounds like that person who plays that old lady monster on Monsters Inc. Kendall grabs the pig.
"Thanks." I say. Logan is still trying. He's wasted about $30 by now.
"Logan you shouldn't be wasting all this money!" Sierra says.
"I will hit that freaking red dot! Just hang on!" He says. And next throw, he hits it.
"Oh yeah!!!" He shouts.
He takes the other giant pig they have. By the time this whole thing is over, it's almost 8 o clock. We head over to the benches they have on the side of the boardwalk. Kendall sits on my left and Sierra's on my right, Logan on the other side of her.
"What a beautiful night." Kendall says.
"Yep." I say. I turn and look at him. We lean in and just as our lips meet, fireworks start going off. I mean real fireworks. We break apart I keep my arms around his neck and smile. Then I hug him. We turn and watch the rest of the fireworks.
Sierra's P.O.V.
"Wow these are beautiful." I say.
"That's not all that's beautiful." Logan says. I turn my head towards him with a confused look on my face. Just then he puts his lips on mine and we share our second real, like passionate kiss. We break apart and I giggle. He puts his arm around me and we watch the rest of the fireworks. After they are over, Kendall drives us back to our hotel. What a wonderful day.
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