Kendall and I

hey! this is my first fanfic! its about a girl who wants to become a singer and just might get her chance :)


18. Don't Run Down the Stairs

-Sierra's P.O.V-

Logan and I have been hanging out all day since Kristin and Kendall left. Today we are gonna start moving my stuff into his house. I haven't told Sierra that's where this place I'm "buying" is. I don't really know how she would react. She is such a goody-two shoes and I don't know if she'd be happy with this. Wait a second, her parents are here and she's there. Alone. With Kendall. Maybe she's not as much of a goody-two shoes as she used to be. I'm too curious. I HAVE to ask her. I'll text her.

To: Kristin
Heyy gurl!

From Kristin:

To Kristin:
What have you guys been doing?

From Kristin:
Nothing really.

To Kristin:
-_- okay. You're lying to me.

From Kristin:
Am not!

To Kristin:
So you two have just sat there staring at the wall the entire time?

From Kristin:
No! For gosh sakes! We have been packing up my stuff!

To Kristin:
Is that it....?

From Kristin:
Yes! What do you think we've been doing?

To Kristin:
Well lets look at the facts: you two are in PA. By yourselves. Your parents aren't there.....are you getting the picture now?!

From Kristin:
You didn't actually think I would do that do you?! God no! Geez who do you think I am.

To Kristin:
Okay chill. I was just asking. So what did you guys do?

From Kristin:
I will tell you when we get back. Gotta go.

Well I don't know what they are doing....I'm still a little bit suspicious but she would never do that.
"Sierraaaa!" I hear Logan yell from in his kitchen.
"What?" I yell back.
"Did you tell her yet?" He asks as I walk in the kitchen.
"Why not?"
"I don't know! Have you told them that I'm living here?!"
"Exactly." I say, leaving to kitchen and running up the stairs to my new room. No me and him are not sharing a room. He has another room and I am staying there. I slam the door shut and sit down on the bed. The room is so empty. I'm so angry and stressed! I didn't mean to freak out on him but seriously!
*knock knock*
"Sierra? Look I understand if you don't wanna talk to me because I've been bugging you so much. I get it. I just want her to know since she is your friend and it seems like you've been really stressed out. I apologize for the way I've been acting.." He says and his voice trails off. The frown disappears from my face and it turns into a smile. I hear footsteps. He's probably going to his room now. God why didn't I respond? Stupid! Stupid! Stupid! STUPID! I quickly get up off the bed and quietly open the door. I walk down the hall making as little noise as possible. I really should go in and apologize but I'm kinda nervous. I just gotta do this. So I open the door quickly, run up to him, and kiss him. Passionately. He kisses back thank God.
"So I guess you forgive me?" He says, smiling.
"I was never angry at you. I'm just stressed out and I took it out on you and I should be the one apologizing." I say quietly.
"Everybody has those days. It's cool." Logan says smiling. I smile too.
"You know you really are the best boyfriend ever, right?"
"I doubt it."
"I have a million reasons why it's true and I could take forever explaining them or you could just believe me."
"You can tell me but that doesn't mean that it's true."
"Oh but it is. How can I prove that I love you and you are the best boyfriend ever?"
"Oh there's a way." He says smirking.
"Really? Is it....this?" I say, kissing him passionately. After we stop kissing, he says,
"Okay, I have the best girlfriend ever!" really loudly.
"Thank you! And I have the best boyfriend ever!" I yell.
"Now that that's settled, do you wanna watch a movie?"
"Sure. What movie?"
"I was thinking Paranormal Activity 3" he says smirking.
"Oh God no! You can watch that without me."
"I was kidding! Chill!"
"Okay then what do you really wanna watch?"
"I don't know. Wanna just watch TV?"
"Sure," I say "bet I can beat you downstairs!"
"Bet you can't!"
"Byeee!" I say, running out of the room. I hear his footsteps getting closer and closer. I run down the stairs. Don't fall. Don't fall. Don't fall-I fell.
"Are you okay?!" I hear Logan ask me as he helps me up off the floor and helping me sit on the stairs.
"Ouch. Y-yeah. I'll be f-ine." I manage to get out without bursting into tears. My ankle really hurts!
"Let me look at your ankle. I saw it roll when you fell." He says as he slides my pant leg up a little.
"Ow, OW! OUCH!!" I say with tears rolling down my cheeks.
"Yeah, um..I think it's either sprained or broken. We should go to the Emergency Room to get it checked out."
"O-k-k-ay." I stutter out. I try to stand up and almost fall.
"Don't walk! God, your gonna hurt it more!" He says, picking me up bridal style.
"Sorry." I mutter.
"It's fine I just don't want you to hurt yourself more." He says, opening the car door. He sits me down and I put the seatbelt on. He turns the car on and we drive down the road.
"How far away is it?" I ask because it REALLY hurts.
"About 10 minutes." He says. I nod trying to hold back tears.
-At the ER-
"Sierra?" The nurse lady asks, looking around the room. Logan helps me get up and the nurse comes over. They walk me to the little examination room.
"On a scale of 1 to 10; 10 being the worst possible pain, 1 being the least, how bad does it hurt?"
"Nine." I say, Logan looks at me with a shocked expression.
"Well, lets look at it," she says looking at my ankle.
"Oh wow, that's very swollen. Does this hurt?" She asks poking it.
"YES THAT FREAKING HURTS!" I yell really loudly, squeezing Logan's hand as hard as I can.
"Okay, please try to calm down. Wait here until I come back with a wheelchair to take you to get X-Rays."
"I can't keep calm that hurt!" I yell. The lady gives me a rude look at leaves the room.
"Well that was rude." Logan says to me.
"Some people." I say, shaking my head. A different nurse comes in with a wheelchair. Logan helps me off the bed into the wheelchair. The nurse wheels me down the hallway with Logan right next to me. He's speed walking to keep up but I think it's really sweet of him to stay with me.
We go inside the room. Surprisingly, they didn't make me put on one of those stupid gown things. They just rolled my pant leg up. Logan sat in the chair and waited.
-After X-Ray-
The doctor finally comes in and says,
"It looks like your ankle is broken. You are going to have to wear a cast for the first week then we will switch you to a boot."
"Ugh, okay."
"Stay off it while you have the cast on. We will give you crutches."
God I hate crutches! The doctor takes me to a different room and puts the cast on. Logan then walks with me to the elevators and we walk outside.
"I'll stay with you all the time."
"No Logan, don't do that."
"Look, your my girlfriend, living in my house and I'm taking care of you! I have to! I can't let anything happen to you. It's partially my fault this happened."
"No it isn't. I tripped and it was my idea to run down then stairs."
"It doesn't really matter. I promise that I will be there for you whenever you need something." He says, looking over at me from the driver's seat with sincere eyes.
"Thank you, Logan. You really are the best boyfriend ever." I say, teary-eyed. Partially because of the pain but also because its so sweet of him to do that.
"I'll always be here for you. I love you." He says.
"I love you too." I say, now half crying and half laughing. He holds my hand with his free hand and we drive home. Lesson learned: Don't run down the stairs.
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