Kendall and I

hey! this is my first fanfic! its about a girl who wants to become a singer and just might get her chance :)


5. Best Week Ever

'Knock knock.' I bet that's Kendall. I walk over towards the door and as I pass the mirror, I check to make sure my hair looks fine. It tends to get staticky and wavy. Good, it looks fine for once. I'm shaking so much. I don't know if I can open the door. I'm to nervous. I don't know if I can handle spending the day with Kendall. 'Knock knock.' He's probably getting impatient. I take a deep breathe and open the door. I swear once he saw me, his face lit up. Bahaha no. That's probably just the fangirl inside me talking.
"You ready to go?" He asks me. He has the most amazing voice.
"Y-yes" I stutter.
"Are you okay?" He asks me with a caring voice.
"What? Oh yes I am." I say.
"Okay," He looks at me with a caring eyes. "Let's go down to my car."
"O-o-okay." It did it again! I have to stop stuttering!
"Are you sure you're okay?" He asks me.
"Yeah, it's just that I've never met a famous person before and you are in my favorite band and you inspire me in my music." I blurt out.
"Well, I'm glad that happened because you are a great singer." He says, with those caring green eyes and a wide smile.
"Thanks." I say, blushing. He smiles at me. We are at his car. I didn't even notice. I thought we were still inside. Wow, I'm a bit oblivious.
"Here you go." He says as he opens the passenger side door. I get in and he closes the door. He goes over to the drivers side and gets in.
"So where would you like to go?" He asks me.
"Um, I don't know. I don't know where anything is.." I say.
"Okay. Then I'll take you to all the cool places," He smiles at me. "Do you mind if I turn on the radio?"
"No. Go ahead." I say. You know what song comes on? Gangnam style. He starts trying to sing the lyrics. It doesn't work. I laugh.
"What?" He yells over the music.
"Nothing, it's just those aren't the lyrics." I yell back.
"Oh really? You think you could sing them better?" He yells.
"I didn't say that."
"Well I want to hear you sing it." He says to me. How can I say no to a star like him? So I start to sing along.
"Op, op, op, OPPA gangnam style!" I I finally finish.
"Wow you really know those lyrics." He says, turning the radio down.
"Haha well.. I listen to a lot of music and tend to memorize the lyrics quickly." I say laughing. He puts in a CD but he didnt let me see what it was.
"I want you to sing this song." He says as Your Not Alone starts playing.
{after the song}
"You are an amazing singer!" He says to me.
"You think? Nah I'm not that good." I say, frowning.
"Are you kidding me? That was freakin' great! Don't put yourself down like that." He says (more like yells) at me.
"Okay, I'll stop. So where are we going?" I say.
"To the Hollywood Sign." He says all cooly.
"Are you serious?!" I shout at him.
"Yeah." He says to me.
We pull into a parking lot and get out of the car. There's a photographer that quickly runs up and pushes us over in front of the Hollywood Sign.
"I want you two to hold hands!" The guy yells to us. I look at Kendall and he smiles and grabs my hand. I get butterflies in my stomach.
"Okay now smile!" And he snaps the picture. It's one of those cameras that the picture comes out in a few seconds. "How much is it?" I ask Kendall.
"Don't worry, I got it. After all, you are here with me right?" He smiles.
I don't want to say anything else in front of all these people. He give the man a $20 and tells him to keep the change.
We walk back to his car and get it. He hands me the picture. I look him in the eyes and say "why didn't you let me pay for it?"
He replies "because I wanted to pay for it, I took you here, your with me, so I'm paying for it." He sternly tells me.
"Okay." I say quietly.
We drive.
"Did I offend you or anything?" He says to me with a worried look.
"No, why?"
"You just seem sad."
"Nah I'm fine."
"Good." He looks at me and smiles.
"Can I take you out to lunch at my favorite restaurant?" He suddenly asks me.
"Sure." I say, on the outside I'm normal. On the inside I'm fangirling like crazy. We are at Olive Garden.
"Is this your favorite restaurant?" I ask him.
"Yep. I love their food. What's your favorite restaurant?" He asks me.
"Olive Garden." I say because its true.
"Are you serious?" He smiles and says to me.
"Yes." I laugh and say.
We go inside and eat.
{after eating}
"It's almost 2. What do you want to do now?" He asks me.
"I don't care." I say, smiling.
"Well, you seem like a girl that loves to shop so how about we go to the biggest mall in LA?" He says to me. He is right. I do love to shop.
"Sounds good to me."
We walk around the mall. He says, "i'm going to buy you something and there isn't anything you can do about it."
"Ugh fine."
He smiles at me.
I see this beautiful necklace with a 'K' on it. He sees me looking at it.
"I'm buying you that." He says looking at me.
"No you aren't. That's to expensive." I whine.
"I'm a celebrity. I can handle the cost." He says to me.
"Excuse me, can we buy this necklace?" He says to one of the workers.
"Yes." They guy says and wraps in up and puts in a box. He says, "that will be $100."
"Kendall, I can't let you pay for that." I whisper to him.
"Shh. I will get it." He hands the man a $100 and we walk away.
He takes us over to one of those benches they have in the mall, and he sits down. I sit down next to him. Suddenly, paparazzi show up. I was wondering when they'd get here.
"Hey Kendall.." I start to say,
"Ignore them." He whispers. He continues to take out the necklace and he puts it around my neck. I hear and see flashes all around me.
"Hey thanks." I say, blushing.
"It's no problem." We get up and walk away. By the time we get outside, it's already 8 o clock. Woah where did the time go.
"Hey, do you wanna just go to beach and hang out?" He asks me. There are those stupid butterflies again. I am speechless so I just nod. We get there and we watch the sunset. He puts his hand on mine. I think it's just an accident, but he doesn't move it. So we just sit there and watch the waves.
"I had a good time today." He just blurts out.
"Me too." We just look at each other. I turn away and blush.
"Hey," he says.
"Yes?" I say. My phone starts vibrating. Really who could that be?
"Excuse me, I have to take this call. I get up and move a few feet away.
Me: Hello?
Sierra: hey, you wanna come over?
I didn't tell her Im in LA.
Me: uh I can't.
Sierra: why?
Me: okay look, remember when that person tweeted the video to the guys of BTR?
Sierra: yes
Me: well.....
Sierra: WELL WHAT?
Me: they invited me out to LA to record a demo.
Sierra: I don't believe you.
I yell into the phone. Kendall sees and comes over. He takes the phone
Kendall: This is Kendall Schmidt. Right hand up to God.
Kendall: yes.
Sierra: oh wow, I'm so sorry.
Kendall puts in on speakerphone.
Me and Kendall: it's fine.
Kendall: do you want to come out to LA for a little while to see your friend?
"Kendall what are you doing?" I whisper. He just ignores me.
Sierra: Are you serious?!
Kendall: yep. You can bring a friend too. I will pay for the next flight to LA your airport has. Then we will meet you at the airport.
Sierra: okay. Cool.
Me: okay well we gotta go. Bye
Kendall: bye
Sierra: see ya guys.
~end call~
"Well that was interesting." He says.
"Haha, I know. Talk about awkward."
"It wasn't really awkward. I had fun." He says smiling.
"Really?" I say, confused.
"Yes and I had a really good time today." He says looking directly in my eyes.
"Me too." I say.
"Can I take you out, like on a date?" He says to me with a happy but worried look on his face. This feels like a dream. Is this real? It has to be.
I look up at him and smile.
"Yes." I say. He smiles. He grabs my hand and we walk to his car.
{10 minutes later}
We are at my hotel. He gets out and opens my door.
"Thanks." I say blushing.
He walks me up to my room.
"See you tomorrow." He says.
"Tomorrow?" I ask.
"Studio. Ill come and get you and drive you there." He says.
"Oh okay. Thanks. I had a really nice time. And Thanks for the necklace." I say quietly.
"No problem." He smiles at me.
He then just out of the blue, gives me a hug (butterflies!!). People are right. He does give the best hugs. He lets go and he looks at me and smiles.
"See you tomorrow, wait a second, can I see your phone?" He asks me.
I grab it out of my bag and give it to him.
"Nice background" he says. It's of Big Time Rush.
"Hey! I happen to love your band!" I say back.
"Haha okay." He laughs again. I blush.
"There's no reason to be embarrassed." He says to me, the focusing intently on my phone.
"Yea there kinda is." I mutter. He gives me his phone with the new contact screen up. I know what he's doing now. I type in my name and number as he hands me my phone back. It took him a lot longer than it took me. Oh gosh I wonder what he did.
"See ya!" He says and winks.
"Bye!" I say.
This week just got even better. I go to LA to start living my dream, spend the day with Kendall, have him invite my best friend out here, and then ask me on a date. I swear I fell asleep smiling.
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