Kendall and I

hey! this is my first fanfic! its about a girl who wants to become a singer and just might get her chance :)


29. Author's Note

Hello people! Well it's 11 pm! On a school night....probably should be sleeping but to bad! Anyway, sorry I haven't been updating! I'm trying something for this next chapter and it's taking me a little while to do it. I will hopefully have it done soon though. I don't know how it's gonna turn out....but yea. Anyway, I just wanted to say thanks to all who have read and faved. Hmm....oh and I don't know how long I'm gonna continue this story. I love writing it but I don't know, since this is a mostly 1D or JB app, nobody reads or comments. Hmm. Hahaha oh well, what can you do? So yeah. I don't know how long I'm gonna continue this story or if there will be a sequel (still a long way aways for that.) Well anyway, thanks to those who have read and favorited. :)
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