Kendall and I

hey! this is my first fanfic! its about a girl who wants to become a singer and just might get her chance :)


33. Album Releases Are Always Surprising

-Kristin's P.O.V-
*1 Month Ago (Flashback)*
"MY ALBUM IS COMING OUT IN ONE MONTH!" I yell as I burst out the door and into the hallway. Kendall smiles at me.
"That's great news!" He yells as he hugs me.
"You bet it is." I say smiling. He leans down and kisses me softly.
"Wanna go out to a celebratory lunch?" He says to me.
"I would love to." I say giggling as we walk out the door. We've been together for 2 months now. These two months have been the best days of my life. We've been spending a lot of time together. And I like it. I hope that one day I won't have to worry if that will ever end. If you get what I'm saying.
-At lunch-
"You are really beautiful." Kendall whispers in my ear.
"Stop it Kendall." I say giggling.
"And you have the prettiest eyes." He continues.
"Kennndallll." I say in a whisper. "Stop complimenting me."
"When someone as beautiful and smart and amazing is sitting next to me I don't think I can." He says.
"Oh shut up." I playfully slap him.
"But it's true Kristin."
"I didn't say it wasn't true." I smirk at him.
"You little-" He starts but I cut him off by kissing him. He kisses me back but a little harder.
"Kendall, we are in a restaurant." I tell him while smiling and blushing.
"Don't tell me you didn't enjoy that." He says smirking.
"I did but we don't need everyone staring at us..." I tell him.
"That is true." He says.
We finish up lunch and head back to my place.
-at my place-
"Well what do you wanna do?" I ask him as I sit on a stool I have around my island in the kitchen.
"I was thinking I could do this." He tells me and kisses me. This reminds me of that time about a month ago! That day I told him about the dream I had! Oh my god! TODAY IS ALMOST EXACTLY THE SAME. Why is he doing this? What does it mean?
"Want to watch a movie?" He asks me finally. I knew it. He's trying to recreate that day. But why? Why? WHY?!
"Sure but can I ask you something?"
"Go ahead." He says.
"Doesn't this seem like....a recreation of the day when I told you about that dream?" I tell him with a confused look.
"Eh, not really." He tells me. Maybe he isn't purposely doing it. We decide to watch Paranormal Activity 4....

-Present Day-
I bound down the stairs. Today is the day! My album is released! It's also my third month anniversary with Kendall. I walk over to the counter and grab my phone off the charger.
*one missed call. One new voicemail* the screen says. I listen to the voicemail. This is what it says:
"Hey Kris! First off, HAPPY THREE MONTH ANNIVERSARY! Also, happy album being released day! Met me at the restaurant off exit 280 at six. See you then."
What restaurant is that? Oh wait! That's the restaurant that overlooks the water. And it's a really fancy restaurant. I know just what to wear. I run up the stairs and into my room. I fling open the closest doors and scan my clothes for the my dress. It's the same dress from that dream. I love it! It's orangish-pink on top and is a peachish color for the skirt part. I lay it on my bed and get out my silver heels. Right now though, I have to go do an interview at a radio station. I run down the stairs and out the door.
-at the radio station-
"Hey it's Ryan Seacrest and you're listening to the American Top 40 Countdown! Today we have a guest who's gonna help us countdown! Many of you know her from her smash hit cover songs on's Kristin!" Ryan, the radio host, says. I listened to him all the time when I was younger.
"How are you today?"
"Oh I'm good." I tell him.
"That's good to hear. So what can you tell us about you're album 'Kristin B'?"
"Well it's my first album...and it has many cover songs and a few of my own." I say into the microphone.
"I see. And what time is the album officially being sold in stores and on iTunes?" He asks me.
"It goes on sale at midnight eastern time."
"Well there you have it guys, now time for our number 40 song of the week: I Can Only Imagine by David Guetta featuring Chris Brown." He says and plays the song.
"And we're back. Okay so Kristin, word on the street is you're dating Kendall Schmidt. Is that true?"
"Yes it is." I tell him.
"And can you tell me anything about you and him?"
"He's an amazingly sweet guy and I love him a lot. I could go one forever about him but we don't have time for that! Haha."
"You and him seem very serious."
"Well yes, he and I are in a serious relationship." I tell him.
"Do you see yourself marrying him someday?"
"Yes, I do. I couldn't imagine my life with out him." I can feel myself blush.
-Kendall's P.O.V-
She said that she would marry me.
"...I couldn't imagine my life without him." I hear her say.
"Why don't you call him?" I hear Ryan say to her.
"Uh okay!" She says. *ring ring* I turn the volume down on the radio and answer the phone.
"Hello?" I say.
"Hey Kendall!" She says.
"Hey aren't you at the radio station?"
"Yes actually, I am!"
".....okay? Haha."
"So what are you doing Kendall?"
"I was trying to listening to a radio interview about a girl named Kristin when I was interrupted by your call." I tell her in a sassy tone.
"Oh my God really?! You were listening? Dude, I'm sorry!" She yells into the phone. I smile and say
"It's okay because now I get to talk to my favorite girl instead of listen to her."
"Awww, thanks Kendall. Now I actually have to go." She says.
"Okay bye." I tell her and hang up.
-Kristin's P.O.V-
*4 PM*
"And that's our show! Listen in next week to see what our number one song is! Nice having you Kristin," Ryan says to me.
"Thank you for having me." I say shaking his hand and walk outside.
-back at my house-
I only have an hour to get ready for this date! ARGH! I run up the stairs and straight into the bathroom. I throw off my clothes and put on the dress. It's pinkish-orange on top and peachy colored on the bottom, in case I haven't said that yet. Okay got that done, now to straighten my hair. I jam the plug into the outlet and let it heat up. I pick up my hair in little clumps, or strands, whatever you wanna call them, and straighten it. Now to put on mascara and lip gloss and......I'm finished! I turn my head around towards the clock. It reads 5:30. And with time to spare! Now to put my shoes on. I throw them on quick, grab my clutch and phone, and head out the door.
-at the restaurant-
It's 5:59, just in time. I slowly get out of my car and walk inside. Wait a second, no ones here. What the heck?!
"Kristin? Your table is ready." A waiter pops up out of no where. I nod and walk behind him. We go out onto the deck. Directly in front of me, Kendall is standing, facing the ocean. He turns around and smiles. Damn he looks good in that outfit.
"Wow Kristin, you look amazing." He says coming closer.
"Thanks." I say blushing. He pulls me into a long kiss. I can't help but smile. He pulls my chair out for me and I sit down.
"You didn't have to do all this." I tell him. He smiles at me.
"Oh yes, I did." He tells me with a smile but I can see that nervous look in his eyes.
"So are we going to order soon or....?" I say and I glance at the menu.
"I have to tell you something." He says. Oh God, whenever someone says that to me, nothing good happens.
"Okay." I tell him while trying to hold back the tears I know will be coming soon.
"First I wanna tell you that I love you. I love you more than anyone. You are the best thing that has happened to me. You make me go insane just thinking about you. I'm so deeply and madly in love with you, Kristin and I can't stand the thought of us not being together," he says and pauses. Is this what I think it is?!
"Kristin," he says and gets down on one knee.
"Will you marry me?" I swear to God my jaw hit the floor. The ring is the most beautiful thing I have ever seen! It's exactly how I always imagined it. I'm crying so much that all I can do is nod. I finally manage to speak,
"Yes, Kendall, YES!" I yell as I throw my arms around his neck. He kisses me passionately.
"You planned it just like how I told you it happened in my dream." I say as I gaze down at my finger as he places the ring on.
"Of course I did." He tells me.
"I can't believe you actually remembered just how I said it."
"How can you not believe it? It was the best dream I have ever had someone tell me about." He says and smiles.
"God you must've payed a ton for that." I say to him.
"That's none," he says and kisses my nose "of your business."
"This is the happiest day of my life. My boyfriend just proposed to me! I literally could not be any happier."
"Just wait until our wedding day." He whispers in my ear. I laugh.
"Oh God, now THAT will be the happiest day of my life." I tell him.
"So, shall we eat?" He asks me.
"Yes, we shall." I say laughing as we sit down. We order our food and eat it but I barely notice any of it because I am way to shocked and ecstatic to care about food.
"I love you Kendall." I say to him as we walk out to my car.
"I love you Kristin." He says. We drive back to my place, and I change into something less dressy. We go out into my backyard and look at the stars. Everything just seems so right. Kendall puts his arm around me in the hammock we are sitting in, which he put in himself, and I grow tired. I feel safe in his arms. I could get used to sleeping and waking up next to someone who I care so much about.
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