Kendall and I

hey! this is my first fanfic! its about a girl who wants to become a singer and just might get her chance :)


16. A Get Together with a Surprise

"Hey Kristin." I hear Sierra whisper. I open my eyes to see her standing in front of me.
"You scared the heck out of me. What do you need?" I ask half sleeping still.
"I think someone's at the door. I see someone keep walking by and they knocked faintly once." Sierra says.
"Then open the door." I say.
"But what if its a murder or kidnapper?!" She says a little louder.
"Shh! Keep it down! It's not a murder or kidnapper. Just open the door." I say.
"But I don't want to." She says with a scared voice.
"Ugh fine I'll get it." I say and get up. As I open the door, I see Alexa walking by. She glances back and looks at me.
"Hey Kristin." She says, with a half smile.
"What do you want?" I spat out at her, walking into the hall closing the door.
"Can I talk to Sierra?" She asks.
"What could you have to say to her? You already tried to steal her boyfriend!" I say a little louder.
"I know....I wanted to apologize."
"Fine whatever. I'll get her." I open the door and head back inside. Sierra looks up from her phone and I wave my hand telling her to come here.
"What do you want?" Sierra yells at her.
"I wanted to apologize."
"Apologize for what? Trying to steal my boyfriend? Because I don't care how many times you apologize. There was no excuse for you to do that." She says.
"Well, I wanted to apologize and explain why I did the things I did." Alexa starts.
"Fine go ahead." Sierra tells her.
"Okay well truth is, I like Logan. I really do but I also like Liam. Liam is so nice and caring towards me and stuff. But seeing you, my old friend with my old boyfriend, I don't know, I guess jealousy took over. I wanted to ruin your relationship with him. And I'm truly sorry for what I did." Alexa explains.
"I accept your apology but that was really rude. You could've just talked to me."
"I know. Well I guess I should get going. I won't bother you anymore." Alexa says.
"Okay but remember that if you ever need to talk about something like this, just call or text me or Kristin." Sierra says.
"Thanks I will." She says and leaves.
We walk back inside. It's 8 now.
"Wanna see what all the guys are doing?" I ask.
"Sure, we should plan a little get together." She says.
"Okay I'll call Kendall and ask him if they are busy."
-Calling Kendall-
K: Hello?
Me: Heyy!
K: Hey!
Me: Are you and the guys busy?
K: No I'm not doing anything and I don't think the guys are either.
Me: Why don't we have a little get together by the pool at my hotel?
K: okay cool be there soon.
Me: okay bye.
-end call-
Alight your probably wondering why I decided to plan a random get together. Well, truth is that since we are starting to officially record songs for my cover album, I am going home to get my things. I don't know how long I'll be there either. I haven't told Kendall or Sierra that I'm leaving yet. This is my chance.
-By the Pool-
"Hey guys!" I say and I see them come out onto the little patio thing.
"Hey beautiful." Kendall says.
"Heyy." I say and blush. I see another girl with them.
"And who's this?" I ask Carlos.
"This is Alexa, Alexa Vega." (A/N: Alexa Vega really is one of Carlos' good friends)
"Well hello, Nice to meet you!" I say to her, smiling.
"Nice to meet you too." She says. She seems like she'll open up and be louder once she gets used to Sierra and I being here.
"So you guys wanna order a pizza?" I say over the small talk.
"Sure, you guys okay with that?" Kendall says.
"Yep." They all say and nod.
"I'll order us two larges of....?"
"Pepperoni!" Carlos yells.
"Okay I guess pepperoni!" I say.
-Pizza Place Phone Call-
"Hello this is Pizza Palace what can I help you with?"
"I would like to order two large pizzas. One pepperoni and the other cheese."
"That'll be twenty dollars. Or if it takes over thirty minutes, free." The guy says flatly.
"Okay. Deliver it to the Hampton Hotel pool area."
"Alight." He says and hangs up.
-Once pizza is here-
Oh my gosh Alexa is so funny! We all sat down and talked and stuff while we waited for the pizza. Now that's its here, the girls (aka: Alexa, Sierra, and I) get up to go get pizza but before we could even get to feet away from our chairs, the boys (aka: Carlos and James) ran over and started digging in.
"Hey save some for us!" Alexa shouts over to them. They turn around with their mouths full and move out of the way.
"You guys are dorks." Alexa says as she passes them.
"Well!" James says.
-After Pizza-
"Hey Kendall?"
"Yes?" He says looking over to me. He's sitting right next to me too.
"Can I talk to you?" I say kinda sounding nervous and sad.
"Yeah sure." He says now looking confused. We get up and go to the other side of the pool.
"So what's up?" He asks.
"Well, you know how I'm living in a hotel...."
"Yeah and?"
"Well, I'm leaving tomorrow to go get all my things and I have no idea when I'll be back." I spit out as fast as I could.
"Oh really?" He says with a sad look.
"Yes..but I won't be gone for long! I already have a place picked out here and I've bought it but I need to get all my stuff." I say with a sad look.
"It's cool. I get it." He says looking like he's going to cry.
"Dude, are you gonna cry?"
"What? No!"
"Yes you are..."
"No I won't. It's just sad okay? I'm gonna miss you."
"Well yeah I'll miss you too! I was crying last night because I didn't want to leave. I don't know I'm so mixed up right now." I say, sadly.
"I get it completely. Well, who's gonna help you pack?"
"I haven't thought about that...I don't wanna have my parents do it all....."
"Well..........I'm free or at least I WILL be free."
"You wanna come out to a little small town in cold Pennsylvania?"
"Yeah. I wanna see where you've lived your whole life. What your town is like. You get the idea?"
"Okay. I get it but you don't have a plane ticket."
"Don't worry. I can arrange that." He says with a smirk. Oh God...
"A private jet silly!" He says loudly.
"Yeah...." He says laughing.
"Don't laugh at me I'm a blonde!"
"Okay okay I'll stop." And he stops for a second. And then he starts again. I cross my arms and pretend I'm mad.
"Well!" I say, walking away quickly.
"Hey!! Come back!"
"Hahahaha nope. Come catch me!" I say and start running.
"Really?!" He says running after me.
"Yup!" I say. He chases me around, not able to catch up.
"'s sad that I'm faster than you.." I say with a wink. He then starts to run really fasts and hugs me from behind but he falls and we both end up in the pool.
"Nice going!" I say laughing.
"I wanted to go for a swim."
"I'm sure you did," I say.
"Hey let's go tell the others that we are leaving for a week or so."
"Good idea." He agrees.
-Back with the other guys-
"Heyyy guysss!" I say.
"Okay gurl. What up? U never say that unless something's up."
"Well, I'm going to pack my stuff up from my house because I've bought a place out here!" I say.
"Awesome!" Sierra and Logan say at the same time.
"And I'm going with her so you boys will have a week off." Kendall says.
"Sweeeet." Carlos replies.
"Oh yeah! Logan I forgot to tell you! I'm going to be singing back up for Kristin." She says.
"How could you forget that? That's awesome!" He says really loudly.
"Thanks." She says smiling.
"Well, I've gotta go back to my room to pack up that stuff to take to the new house." I say.
"I'll come with." Kendall says.
"Bye guys!" I turn around and wave.
"See ya!" I hear Sierra yell. Well at least I got that off my chest. Next stop, leaving Pennsylvania.
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