Kendall and I

hey! this is my first fanfic! its about a girl who wants to become a singer and just might get her chance :)


8. A Date

We get back to the hotel. Kendall's calling me.
"Hello?" I say.
"Hey, are you okay? You sound angry." He asks.
"Look, Sierra was going on a date with Logan, but she has to go back to Pennsylvania that same day and after she told Logan, her ex-boyfriend Niall ran up to her and started talking to her and she says that she might still like him but she also really likes Logan and she doesn't know what to do! This is so stressful!" I say (almost yell) into the phone.
"Niall who?" Kendall asks.
"Niall Horan." I say.
"Umm.." He says.
"What Kendall?" I ask.
"He's dating another girl. At least he was last week. I heard it on the radio. I don't know if she should trust him again." He says.
"Really? Thanks Kendall. I'll warn her." I say.
"No problem. Just trying to help. I'll let you go. Call you later...bye." He says.
"Bye." I say. I think I sounded a little mean there. I hope he doesn't think I'm mad at him.
"Hey Sierra?" I say.
"Yes?" She says.
"That was Kendall and he said that on the radio last week, he heard that Niall was dating another girl. Nobody's sure if they broke up. I don't know if I would trust him." I tell her.
"Me either. I don't think I can anymore. I want to at least give Logan a chance. We haven't even gone out on our first date! I'm gonna decide while I'm gone." She says, "my flight leaves tomorrow at 5 am so I have to get packing."
"Okay, bye." I say.
"Bye" she says and I head back to my room.
I decide to text Kendall to see if he wants to hang out.
~text conversation~
Me: "hey Kendall"
K: "I was just gonna text you. I have to ask you something."
Me: "what is it?"
Thirty Seconds later he calls me.
"Go outside." He says.
"Alright." I say and I open the door to see Kendall, standing there with a rose.
"Kristin, do you want to come to dinner with me?" He asks, smiling but looking nervous.
"Yes." I say smiling. He hands me the rose.
"I need you to put on something fancy. I'm going to go back to my house to get dressed. I will be back at 7." He says.
"Alright." I wave and close the door.
Fork! I don't have anything to wear!
"Mom!!!!!" I yell.
"Kristin quiet down! What do you need?" She says.
"I need for us to go to the mall quickly to get a dress." I say.
"Wh-oh never mind." She says and so we walk out to catch a taxi. {20 minutes later} We walk inside. I go to look around at stores. I pass Delia*s because I normally don't buy anything there but, something catches my eye. I turn to go in the store. I see this dark blue strapless dress. It has a black belt with a little rose on the right side. I grab my size and go look for shoes. I decide to just go with my flats. We pay for the dress and leave. "Thanks mom." I say. "No problem." She says. {20 minutes later} We get back to the room and I start to get ready. It's already 6:10 so I only have 40 minutes to get ready. I grab my straightener and start to straighten my hair. Then I put on the dress and shoes. I grab some of the little makeup I wear (I think it makes my face feel dirty). I put on some mascara and surprisingly don't poke myself in the eye (accomplishment!). Then I put on some blue eye shadow very lightly. Then I put on some lip gloss and put my K necklace on. It's now 6:55. He should be here soon. I sit down at the table and wait. I hear a knock at the door. I walk over, checking my hair and makeup in the mirror as pass, and open the door.
"Hey." He says and smiles.
"Hey." I say and smile.
"You look really great tonight." He says.
"So I don't look good any other time?" I say, pretending to be offended.
"You know what I mean." He says and laughs.
"Haha yeah." I say. He takes my hand and we walk towards the elevators.
"Thanks for this." I say.
"For what? We haven't done anything yet." He says.
"For everything you've done already and for this date." I say, blushing.
"It's my pleasure." He says, smiling.
We walk out to his car. We have been driving for about 20 minutes.
"Where are we going?" I ask him.
"You'll see." He says with a grin.
We pull up to this fancy restaurant called Che Fancy. The names so cliche but it looks wonderful. Everyone here is so dressed up and it's so lovely.
"Hello, sir. Do you have a reservation?" The hostess asks us.
"Yes, Schmidt."
"Kendall?" She asks.
"Right this way to your table."
We walk towards the back of the restaurant. We order out food and drinks.
"You look beautiful tonight." He says and smiles.
"Thank you. And you look very handsome in your tux." I say and we chuckle. Just then our food comes. Wow that was quick. We eat and have small talk. After we finish, we talk for a little, pay (which Kendall wouldn't let me pay for part of the dinner :/) and we left. He drives me back to my hotel. Once we get there, he jumps out and opens my door for me. Then he goes and holds the hotel doors. We walk down the hall to the elevators. We get inside. My room is on the 5th floor. Nobody's here because its Friday Night. Kendall looks at me and I look at him. Then he hugs me and he looks me in the eye once again. He then leans in, as do I and we share our first kiss. It was wonderful. I felt sparks. It's like we are meant to be together. I sure hope that's true. It was like getting kissed on New Years Eve. It felt like a jillion fireworks went off around us. He then takes my hand as we exit the elevator. We walk down to my room, 215. We get to my door.
"Thanks for tonight." I say, blushing and smiling.
"I had a great time." He says.
"So did I." I say.
"I Love You." He says. Those three words. I knew he meant them.
"I Love You too." I say, smiling and once again, blushing. He then walks away. I wave and he waves back. Just then Sierra walks out of her room. She sees me smiling like an idiot. She just laughs and walks back in her room. And I walk into mine.
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