Different class- a Titanic story

Everybody knows the story of the film Titanic... Jack and Rose.
A love that carried on, even after death, conquered... Defeated... And survived.

David and Lizzie, two different classes. One a thorough first class, his whole life filled with rules and obeying them. The other a free spirited young woman, the life of a party and every child's best friend.

Neither think much of each other to begin with, but feelings can change.

But can they survive on board the 'unsinkable' ship?


3. Party.

Pain. A splitting headache. It was late in the middle of the night, and David could not settle down because of his head. It felt like his skull was being crushed in a vice. Perhaps it was the heat of their room, and the smoke of cigars he had been forced to endure with the men after dinner.

The men always go off after their evening meal. To drink with the others and smoke there cigars. The discussions are rather boring in there, but Davids mother was adamant that he should integrate them into there group. Make a name and place for their family in society. It was the only way they could ever hope for  Elizabeth to marry somebody decent, and just maybe a young lady for himself could be brought into the bargain.

Maybe some fresh air will help? David wondered as he sat up in bed. Deciding he might as well try it, he got up and started to dress. 

After changing into something more suitableDavid slipped outside and walked quickly to the deck. The loud music, presumably of a lower classes party, was booming out.Peering around the door to the nearest one, which appeared to be emitting some kind of Irish jig, he smirked at what he saw.

Masses of red hair, belonging to only one head, swinging wildly around and around. 

That girl, (didn't he hear them call her Lizzie?) Typical common name, for a typical common woman. Still he had to admit, it was quite... Different? To behold the way she flung herself energetically around to the beat of the music. She seemed impervious to any embarrassment, the only dancing he had ever seen people participate in before were the waltzes and planned out steps of his family and friends.

Third class, he thought, not for the first time. 

"You coming in or what son?" David tore his gaze form the scene of Lizzie dancing to see an older man clutching a drink next to him. He had an eyebrow raised, and David found himself feeling rather... Guilty?

"Or are you just enjoying the show from back here?" He next asked, taking care to wink as well. 

"Im just... I was... I mean, erm... Yes, im coming in!"  He could not just admit that he was watching this... Lizzie. 

Stepping aside, with another wink and laugh, the man let him  past. The room was full of people, more so than should of been possible. They all seemed to move an dance as one yet also separate  drinks clutched in hands and still in there clothes from earlier today. 

David tried to make his way to the back of the room, try and remain hidden, was his exact plan. It went out the window though, somebody shoved a drink in his hand. It was not champagne or any of the other wines he was accustomed to. Neither was it cold, at first opportunity he put it down on a small table. Where it was picked up at once by another person. Nice. 

"Come and dance!" Yelled a voice. Suddenly he was attacked by a pile of red hair that went flying in his face, as she dragged him into the center. 

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