Different class- a Titanic story

Everybody knows the story of the film Titanic... Jack and Rose.
A love that carried on, even after death, conquered... Defeated... And survived.

David and Lizzie, two different classes. One a thorough first class, his whole life filled with rules and obeying them. The other a free spirited young woman, the life of a party and every child's best friend.

Neither think much of each other to begin with, but feelings can change.

But can they survive on board the 'unsinkable' ship?


1. Decency

"Im going to go clean up before dinner mother." David said, bending down to kiss his mothers cheek as he did so. It seemed silly to him that at the age of sixteen he was till expected to behave this way. His mother had warned him though that throughout this entire journey he was to show the proper decency that travelling first class on the grand Titanic's first voyage commanded.  

As he headed back to their chambers, he spotted a girl around his own age leaping spiritedly around the deck, entertaining a toddler. "Third class" he thought smugly, smirking as she over balanced and toppled over, revealing white undergarments in the process. Several nearby ladies glared in her direction as they marched past, apart from the ones who looked her own class. They laughed along with her as she righted herself, with no hint of colour or embarrassment to her cheeks. The girl flicked her flaming red hair from her eyes, it hung loose to her waist. Not a single pin or clip in sight, so different from the dozens of pins and accessories even his seven year old sister Elizabeth wore. It ebbed in the breeze, loose waves or curls brushing her face and entangling her neck in the salty air. 

David was so accustomed to the many tight up-dos of his family and friends, that this blur of red flames held his attention for a while, capturing his gaze. 

The girl was ow allowing a small girl to braid her hair, in the uneven plait only a small child can achieve.

"Why can the third class never show decency?" He wondered to himself as the girl continued her routine of entertainment to a small crowd of admirers, all of which he noted... Were children.

Shaking his head at the thought of this red headed girl, he carried on his way.


The cool night air blew across Lizzie's face as she stepped outside. She had quite a few fans among the younger children now. It was better that way, she always got on better with them. Their smiles and laughter at all she did, made her forget the dreary and dull life back in England. It filled her with the excitement she anticipated over America. 

This entire journey would all be worth it. A new life, fresh start. It was not as though she had anything waiting for her in England. America was her next path. Her mother always said it was where dreams came true, and Lizzie had many dreams. 

So far the journey was fantastic, worth every penny she had saved. Even third class on this vessel was amazing to behold. In fact the parties were probably better than those of firt class! She had just come from one herself.

Lizzie always loved dancing and fun, perhaps it was her Irish blood coming to the surface in her?  

After a while of being at one though, the parents of young children she had befriended earlier, had asked her  to escort their children to bed so they could stay longer. Immediately agreeing she had just finished telling several stories and singing a few lullaby's her mother always sang to her. Old Irish folk, some of the more gentle kinds. 

Not feeling tired enough to sleep yet, she decided to walk outside for a while before retiring for the evening. 

The breeze that seemed pleasant earlier, was now rather cold and bitter. Still, it was not unendurable, so she simply wrapped her arms around herself. As though hugging her stomach, and walked on.

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