Different class- a Titanic story

Everybody knows the story of the film Titanic... Jack and Rose.
A love that carried on, even after death, conquered... Defeated... And survived.

David and Lizzie, two different classes. One a thorough first class, his whole life filled with rules and obeying them. The other a free spirited young woman, the life of a party and every child's best friend.

Neither think much of each other to begin with, but feelings can change.

But can they survive on board the 'unsinkable' ship?


4. Dancing.

"No, I... D-dont dance!" Spluttered the person she had grabbed. 
"Neither can I! Just do it!" she called, not turning round. 
The music was reaching the faster part, and so Lizzy began to spin around faster and faster, whirling all over the room. Her hair fanned out around her, whipping nearby people madly. She knew this song well, it was a fast paced and energetic kind, one you HAD to dance to. 
Grabbing the hands of the man again, who kept his head down as though trying to remain hidden from view,  she forced him to join her in running wildly around the scrubbed wooden floor that was officially the dance floor. 
"Thats it!" Lizzy yelled to him, hopefully in an encouraging tone, over all the noise. Grinning suddenly, he began to get into it. He joined in the crazy spinning and twisting. The music continued getting faster, and people cheered as he spun her around, actually lifting her off the ground. 
As he set her down, he  looked up at her, and she nearly lost her balance, he caught her... Though now looked irritable once more.
"You?" She asked in shock. He shrugged uncomfortably. "I thought you was first class?" 
Again the boy, turns out he was not a man after all, shifted nervously. They had stopped moving now, and the song was changing. Slower, a slightly more... Romantic..? Type tune. 
"Look can we get off this damn floor now?" he asked frustrated at once. Nodding, she allowed herself to be pulled off. They reached the door, and the man astood near the entrance winked at them. 
"Got what ye came in for sonny?" he asked loudly, raising his glass slightly before downing a large gulp from it. 
Ignoring him, they made their way outside, inhaling the fresh air that the deck brought them. 
As soon as they were outside he dropped her hand, which he had until now been holding to steer her outside, and walked a few paces ahead. 
"So...?" Lizzy ventured, once it became clear that he was not going to say anything. 
"So what?" he snapped, walking even further away. 
"Erm, lets see... Why did you drag me out here?" she said incredulously. Lizzy had always heard what people saud about first class, but even the rumours did not match this boys angry sarcasm and bitterness.
"I didn't drag you out here!" He muttered, then choosing to ignore her snort he spun around again to face her, "Why did you drag me to dance?" 
Instantly flaming up, Lizzy stuck her chin in the air. "You didn't seem to put up much of a fight when you were lifting me!" she said stubbornly, "anyway, I can assure you... If I knew it was you, I would have never even have glanced your way." he flinched slightly at her comment, and she felt a savage pleasure in knowing she hurt him. 
"I didn't know it was you. If I had, I would never of lifted you. I wouldn't even have danced at all." he said harshly after a pause.  Rolling her eyes, Lizzy turned to face the water over the railing. 
"Yeah, because you know so many crazy red haired women in third class that dance like me." She muttered, closing her eyes. 
"I don't know anybody in third class full stop." he argued, joining her near the rails.
She turned to him, a smirk on her face. 
"Well what are you still doing here then?"  
"Enjoying the breathtaking view of-"  Lizzy blushed, and he turned to look down at her in mild shock. 
Suddenly he laughed harshly. "Did you think I meant you?" he asked coldly, "I was talking about this magnificently freezing water, which is a beautiful view. On the other hand..." he raised an eyebrow, waving a hand at her entire body. 
That stung. Suddenly this whole game of flirtatious banter had lost it's appeal. 
"Right, well... Must be going." Lizzy heard herself say, as she turned to leave. 
"Hey! Lizzy, wait... I-" but she ignored him, carrying on walking. Not noticing his pained expression behind her back.

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