Different class- a Titanic story

Everybody knows the story of the film Titanic... Jack and Rose.
A love that carried on, even after death, conquered... Defeated... And survived.

David and Lizzie, two different classes. One a thorough first class, his whole life filled with rules and obeying them. The other a free spirited young woman, the life of a party and every child's best friend.

Neither think much of each other to begin with, but feelings can change.

But can they survive on board the 'unsinkable' ship?


5. A kiss

David swallowed as he took his usual seat in the parlor the next evening, having only just managed to un-freeze himself from the red carpet he had been seemingly glued to.

"Are you alright David?" Asked his Mums friend Catherine, a young woman his own age who irritated him beyond belief. Her constant mithering for his attention annoying and sulking when he did not give it. His Mother was just as bad, trying to press him into a proposal. 

"I'm fine, I just remembered I did not bring a drink over for you, I must go and get one at once." He lied, which satisfied everybody at the table and especially his Mother who need approvingly and Catherine who simpered and blushed. He stood up, and placing a hand on her shoulder briefly by way of a parting gesture, then walked over to the table. 

"What are you doing here?" He hissed out of the corner of his mouth as he waited at the drinks table. Lizzy turned to face him, her eyes he noted a startling green as she glared at him. 

"I have as much a right to be here as you." She replied coldly, before turning back to the table herself, and grabbing a drink.  David snorted and pretended to ask for a drink in case anybody was watching. 

"Sure you do. What's wrong, Children not playing with you? Left out." There it was again, he thought, the venom in his voice. Like he was trying to burn a hole through her with his acidic words. 

"No, I did a service to a gentleman this morning and as a reward he invited me top eat with him." She replied smugly, tossing her hair from her eyes, and taking a gulp from the drink. His eyes widened, and she blushed suddenly. "Get your mind out of the gutter. I saved his daughter from toddling off the edge of deck." She said coldly, glaring at him. He found himself thinking how amazing it was that she could blush and glare at the same time and achieve a level of coldness still. 

"Great Father if he did not notice her running off." David smirked, regaining his composure.

"As a matter of fact, his wife died last year in childbirth and he has three children to look after on his own. He is doing wonderfully for a man on his own of his age." was the stiff reply. That shut him up, he sobered at once and felt himself blush. 

"I didn't kno-" he began awkwardly, even he for all his mocking could not ignore the trials of this man.

"Save it." She said harshly, gathering up a last drink. "That's your trouble. You don't know, yet still comment anyway." 

David glared at her again as she stalked off, then watched her sit down at the chairs alongside this man. His children rushed to her at once, one (a young girl with braided hair), sat on her knee, and the two young boys sat beside her, one sucking his thumb. The man himself wore a suit, that was once fine, but was losing some of its grandeur, despite his children wearing the finest of clothes and looking exquisite with finery. He smiled happily as she took her seat, and said something quietly to her, at which she laughed loudly, her head going back as she did so. 

Shaking his head angrily, he grabbed a drink, not caring which one, and headed to his own group. 

"You were a long time David!" Giggled Catherine, though her eyes looked bitter and the laugh did not reach them. 

"Big queue." was his reply, as he shoved the drink in front of her. Peering down at it, she wrinkled her nose, before turning to talk to a young man on her left. It was only later David realized he had given her a whiskey instead of the wine she requested each night.



"Thank you very much John, I enjoyed it. Was a nice treat." Lizzy said as they stopped outside her door. She had felt a bit embarrassed about his request to escort her back when she had suggested she retire now. She did not really want him to see her third class room. It made her feel ashamed after seeing the suite he and his children occupied. But he had insisted he accompany her, in case any strange people were about as he had put it. She had laughed at that, they were on the Titanic... Everybody was strange! Seeking their fortune somewhere in America for whatever reason, a trial and untested idea that it would do them well. 

She need not have worried though, he had merely smiled and said it was cozy, that he hated having all that extra space, but he needed room for the children and they always wanted to travel first class.

"I'm glad you enjoyed it." He said softly. Looking around at her modest room. He paused for a moment, as if deliberating slightly... The he kissed her. 

He, a first class citizen, kissed her... Lizzy, a third class and undesirable Lizzy. It did not feel unpleasant... It felt quite... Nice. 

Nice, but wrong. 

They broke apart awkwardly, and she opened her eyes slowly, biting her lip anxiously as she tried not to meet his eyes. She cemented her mouth shut quickly, and then risked a glance up at him. 

"I'm sorry." He said quietly, also looking unsure of what he had done.

"It's not that I don't like you John." Lizzy said hurriedly, raising her hands, palms facing outwards, at him. "I like you very much... But I just... It didn't feel right." She finished lamely. He shook his head.

"I know I shouldn't of done that... I knew all along." He said smiling slightly, although his eyes looked sad. Lizzy frowned puzzled. 

"Knew what?" She asked confused. John merely smiled again. 

"He is a lucky man that holds your heart." He said turning to leave. 

"Nobody holds my heart..." She mumbled, he turned around slightly eyebrows raised. 

"Just because you have not realized yet does not mean it is not held." He said lowly, "Thank you again for saving my Rebecca." 

"Wait!" Lizzy called, then stopped as he turned once more. 

"Yes?" He asked, still smiling. Biting her lip again, she thought then said.

"Will I see you again?" 

"Around maybe... I imagine even a ship this big will mean we will see each other sometimes." He said. 

This was it, she thought sadly, this was their goodbye. 

"Sure... I guess that's what's best isn't it?" She asked rhetorically, but he nodded knowing what she meant. 







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