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Will Louis ever find Maddie? Will the two fans from the closet tell One Direction what they saw? What will happen to Yaz, will she get better, or worse?.....

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1. Take me there........

*2 months later*

Louis' P.O.V

I still couldn't find Maddie. I had looked everywhere I could possibally think of. I knew Dab had kidnapped her again, now when I find him he is going to pay for all the pain he put through Maddie! I hate his guts so much right now! The boys are probally bored and angry with me right now, all I have done for these past few months is mope around and search for Maddie. I haven't done anything for the band for ages, we are ment to bring our new album out this year but I haven't been to rehearsals for ages and I haven't gone to recording. The thing is they think it is just because I can't be bothered because I told Our manger that Maddie had gone back to Scotland to see her family. I didn't want this to get out to the news because then everyone would be talking about her and then each time someone sees me they would be all sympatetic and I don't like that! 

Any way back to now. Right now we are on our way to the mall because we all need new clothes and the boys want me to do something fun! I only agreed because otherwise they would keep on nagging me. It really is quite annoying because I am wasting time, I could be out looking for Maddie right now. My Carrot Princess, Oh how I miss her...

We had been in the mall for a good hour or so and no fans had come up to us, everyone had brought something, apart from me. I was complaining to the boys about me wanting to go home to search for Maddie. Liam then went into a long lecture about all this searching is not good for me, ughh I hate it when he goes all daddy direction on me! As me and Liam were "fighting" two girls around seventeen probally walked up to us. I turned round to them to sign a autograph or whatever they wanted. But as I did I noticed they wern't all excited and bouncing around like normal fans, they looked deadly serious!

"Louis, we know where Maddie is." Said the one with short thick brown hair. 

"Yeah, so do I she is in Scotland with her parents!" I said back, lying.

"No seriously . We saw these three men take her away from that interview and then they took her to this run down cottage place and then we over heard them saying that if anyone finds out he took her then he will kill her or a loved one! " Said the other girl

"So we didn't know what to do, because we didn't know if we should say anything!" The brown haired girl said. I just stood there in shock. The other boys didn't know what to say, I think they were just waiting for me to say something.

Then I said "Take me there!" I then paused ".. now..." 

"Oh okay... follow me, we dont have a car can we go in your's?" One of them said, I wasn't concentrating. All I was thinking was I might see my beautiful Maddie again. I ran to the car with everyone else, eager to set off to try and find Maddie.....


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