The Next Step...

This is the Sequal to London Surprises!!! Sooo yeah... please read!"" anyway here is the blurb!!! Xxxxx

Will Louis ever find Maddie? Will the two fans from the closet tell One Direction what they saw? What will happen to Yaz, will she get better, or worse?.....

Please read!! Love you alllllllll!!! hehe!!! hope you like it! Xxxxx

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2. It's you...

Maddie's P.O.V

I lay in the small single camp bed curled up in a ball, whimpeing silently. If I made a noise Dan would come and beat me up. I had a broken arm and it has bended the wrong way because it hasn't been treated for. I have to many to count cuts and brusise's, all I wanted was to get out of this place. There was mold on the walls and the ceiling looked damp, there was a permanate draft right where the bed was, the rest of the room was empty and dark. I barley ever saw the light apart from the un-often moment when Dan would open the door.

Right now I was huddled under the thin sheet to become maybe just a little bit warm. I have been thinking of Louis alot, I don't want his face to leave my mind. I find it is hard to remember his face now. After not seeing him for two months I have been having truble remembering anyone's face, even my tresured Louis. I wounder if he is out there right now, looking for me. Probally not, who would ever want to come after me? I am just some boring, scottish girl who has no place in this world, he is a gourgeous, yorkshire boy who is a world famous singer in a boyband and he has a whole life ahead of him. Me not so much...

I drifted in and out of sleep.... When I woke up I would hear Dan and his mate's watching the telly and being their drunk stupid selves. Then I woke up and I decided that I had enough of all this s*** and I was getting out of here. I pulled my body off my bed, I had gotten alot skinnier over these months, mostly because of no food. My wrist's and ankles were very weak and my legs and arms where just bone. But my belly looked slightly swollen, it was kinda weird. After pulling myself off the bed I crept round the room to the stair case up to the free world. I had to dodge all my vomit, i know gross right!? I tried not to make a sound because other wise Dan would come in and chain me to the bed. When I reached the old staircase I placed my foot onto each step before attually stepping onto it. When I got to the final two steps I reached forward to the door and Lucky for me it was unlocked, those stupid gits! It swung open letting in the cold breeze. I breathed it in. It was dark out side so if I hid well enough then they wouldnt be able to find me if they looked! I then took my first step to the out side place that I missed, but the I saw head lights coming round the corner. It scared me becase they were coming round so fast. I started to panick. Then the door to the room swung open and Dan walked in, looking for me.

"Maddie, don't you try and get away!" He said running up to the stairs to get me. I fainted, I think, because every thing went black. Then when I opened my eyes and there wa a bright light and I saw Louis face.

"It's you....." I said before everything went black again. Maybe I am dead.....?....



Heyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy gyes sooooooooooooooo sozzy about the huge long wait for the next chapter! I have been sooooooooo busy doing home work and with christmas coming up I have been busy getting everyone prezzies!!!!!!!!!!!!!! AHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH there is just 2 much 2 do!!!!!!! AHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Hehe I pinky promise that I will update ASAP!!!!!!!!!!!! I love u alll sooooo much 4 reading this..... thank u!!! Xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx

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