The Next Step...

This is the Sequal to London Surprises!!! Sooo yeah... please read!"" anyway here is the blurb!!! Xxxxx

Will Louis ever find Maddie? Will the two fans from the closet tell One Direction what they saw? What will happen to Yaz, will she get better, or worse?.....

Please read!! Love you alllllllll!!! hehe!!! hope you like it! Xxxxx

Thank u HarryStyles*1D for the name!! and thank u to everyone else for entering their ideas I loved them all but this one was mybfave!!! Thank u allll hehe!!!! Plz fave and like!!!??? Xxxxx


5. Hospital!!

Maddie's P.O.V

Ughhh........ I moved my hand to my head, I felt like I had a disco inside my head! THE PAIN!! I slowly opened my eyes and a bright white light shone back in my face, that's strange normally the room is dark, so people cant find me!? I rolled over to my side but I yelled out in pain! Must of been my broken arm.

"She's awake!"

"does she remember us?"

"Is she okay?"

"Is she hungry!?"

Four different voices whisper-asked. I opened my eyes and there stood over me was four boys, they did just look like blobs right now because me eyes hadn't adjusted to the lighting yet.  I blinked a little and for gourgeous boys came into veiw.

"SHE'S AWAKE!" The blonde one shouted. I winced and my ears rang.

"Shut up Niall! She has only just woken up!" a curly haired lad said alot more calmly.

"Look you've scared her now!" a boy with black hair said.

"Um, who are you people?" I asked, confusion and curiosty. Their faces fell.

"So you don't remember us?" a boy with shaved hair asked. I shook my head and their faces fell even more.

"She has lost her memory due to a nasty blow in the head." A doctor with a clipboard said whilst walking into the room.

"So she doesn't remember us, does she remember anything that happened?" Blondie asked.

"I don't know maybe ask her afew questions, try and jog her memory, also you're friend Louis is better know and can go home. He is here now!" The doctor left the room and a extremly handsom boy walked in. He had a stripy top on and red jeans. I noticed just under his shoulder on his arm his arm was all wrapped up.

"Maddie!" He said and fastening his pace and rushing over to my bed side. He sat on the chair next to it and grasped my hand. I sat staring at his face but I couldn't remember who he was or what he was to me.

"Who are you?" I whisperd. I saw his face fall along with a lonely tear down his face.

"I'm Louis! You're boyfriend!" he said staring into my eyes. I felt bad because I could'nt remember any of them!

"who are the others?" I asked him.

"Well, thats Niall, Harry, Zayn and Liam. They were like all you're best friends. Along with Yasmin and Quinn, youre life long best friends!" He said whilst pointing at them one by one and the two girls at the back who I had'nt noticed intill now. I looked at them and something in my mind clicked. YASMIN! QUINN! I remember them!

"really! Do you! are you sure!?" Quinn said jumping up and coming to my side and Yasmin was soon to follow.

"Yes I am sure i'm sure" I said.

"Are you sure youre sure... sure!?" Yasmin said.

"Yes, because I am Mrs sure!" I said back. We all giggled and Quinn called out a group hug! We hugged for afew minutes and then we relesed each other. We were still giggling when the doctor walked back in.

"I am sorry but you everyone must leave now, only one person can stay here."

"I will" Louis said sticking his hand up like a little kid in a class. I giggled a little.

"Okay then I will have to ask everyone elase to leave!" He said and walked out. I hugged everyone goodbye even if I did'nt remember any of the boys. Then I was left alone with Louis...


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