The Next Step...

This is the Sequal to London Surprises!!! Sooo yeah... please read!"" anyway here is the blurb!!! Xxxxx

Will Louis ever find Maddie? Will the two fans from the closet tell One Direction what they saw? What will happen to Yaz, will she get better, or worse?.....

Please read!! Love you alllllllll!!! hehe!!! hope you like it! Xxxxx

Thank u HarryStyles*1D for the name!! and thank u to everyone else for entering their ideas I loved them all but this one was mybfave!!! Thank u allll hehe!!!! Plz fave and like!!!??? Xxxxx


4. Get you back

Louis' P.O.V

The car ride was silent, all you could hear was breathing intill we pulled up at a abandoned house when one of the girls said "Here it is..." I slowley opened the door and stepped out, at this moment in time all I could thiink about was Maddie, what if these two girls were lying and just wanted our attention!? I was still walking towards the house whilst thes thoughts were going throuh my head. I didn't look back to see if the others were following, but I could hear their faint footsteps behind me, so I guess they were. By this time I was in reaching distance of a little broken door. I swallowed before reaching out for it, but when I did I heard a man shout;

"Maddie, don't you try and get away!" as soon as I heard that I new Maddie was in there and I jerked open the door. I looked around and I noticed the door was ontop of a long staircase, I then looked down the staircase to see Maddie lying in a heap at the bottom... and there was Dan beside her, with a knife in his hand.

"NO!" I shouted, scaring Dan because he didn't know I was there, his eyes were full of hatred towards me. I sprited down the stairs to grabbed hold of Maddie before he did, but I tripped and stumbled down to find he allready had his strong arms round her.

"Don't come any closer or I will kill her!" Dan said with a threating tone, it was then I saw the knife was pressed up against her throat, one swipe of that and she would be a goner.

"Please don't, kill me insted! Please just don't hurt her, she means to much to me.. please..." I begged again and again. By acident I took a step forward.

"To late..." Dan said, he brought the knife up so he coulde slash her in the throat, but I jumped forward pushing her out of his arms, he cut me down my arm but I had saved Maddie and that is all that matterd...

"Oh, you think you are so smart don't you!?" Dab said walking towards me, as I started backing away, my back hit a wall and I was corned, once again he raised his knife to kill, that was when the boys burst through the door. Dan turned around giving me time to run to where Maddie was laying. I grabbed her unconsious body and stumbled up the stairs. I found it hard to carry her because of my arm that had lost so much blood it had gone numb. I got to the top of the stairs to where the other boys were when Niall shouted to me to look out I turned round and there was Dan with his knife. I ducked down almost dropping Maddie. I heard a scream and someone whine in agony. I looked to the botteom of the stairs and Dan was lying there, unconsious. I turned back to th boys and Zayn was holding the side of his stomach in agony. I saw blood pour out and all over his shirt. Dan must of stabbed him. As must as I would have loved to go back and kill him whilst he was still unconsious I need to take Maddie and Zayn to the hospital...

We all stumbled out of the small door and ran/walked to the car. I could barley hold Maddie any more but I wouldn't let any of the boys hold her. When we finally got to the car's we all bundled in. I was still holding Maddie, looking into her closed eyes praying for them to open. As if by magic she opend her eyes and looked straight into mine,

"It's you..." she said in a weak voice before passing out again. I started panicking about her but then my head started to spin, I looked at ,my arm and it was still gushing blood. I then started feeling uneasy, that was when I passed out...

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