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This is the Sequal to London Surprises!!! Sooo yeah... please read!"" anyway here is the blurb!!! Xxxxx

Will Louis ever find Maddie? Will the two fans from the closet tell One Direction what they saw? What will happen to Yaz, will she get better, or worse?.....

Please read!! Love you alllllllll!!! hehe!!! hope you like it! Xxxxx

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6. *don't know what to call this chapter!* teehee! xx

Maddie's P.O.V

"So, you seriously don't remeber like anything?" Louis asked plonking himslef down on the chair next to my bed. I shook my head, right now I am going through everyones names so when I see them tomorrow, well if I see them tomorrow I will remember their names!

"Oh, so you don't remember anything about our relationship, or Dan?" he whisperd the last part.

"Well, I remember Dan, I remember what he did, and what happened, but not you... I mean how did we meet, when, why!?" I asked confused. I saw hurt go through his face before he washed it away, probably because I rememberd Dan but not him... oh well not my fault, from what I remember it was Dan's fault that I forgotten everyone in the first place! 

"Well, the boys, girls and I will help you remember everything so things can go back to how they were before all this stuff happend!" Louis said holding m hand and rubbing my thumb with his thumb.

"Sounds like a good plan!" I smiled, "So where to start!?" I asked, I want to start as early as possiball so I can remember everything and everyone ASAP!

"Well how about when I first met you, Yasmin and Quinn!?" He suggested,

"Sounds good!" I siad moving the cushion around behind me so I was sitting comfey like.

"Well it all started when me and the boys were doing a small concert and Meet and Greet at the city centre, when..." He carried on telling me our story and how he felt whilst I started dating Dan again, what happend after I went to him instead f Dan, after all the hoo-ha! Then he told me that because of two sneaky fans that snuck into their dressing room on that bad night saw what happened and if it wasn't for them then well, I would still be stuck in that hell hold, Ha I would probably be dead! As soon as Louis got to now a doctor walked into the room with a clipboard in his hand and a grave expression on his face.

"Hello, I have some sad news." He said making eye contact with me, then Louis.

"I amd very sorry to tell you but your baby has died after a big blow to your stomache. I am terribally sorry for your loss, goodnight." He walked out the room. I looked at Louis, did the doctor just say I had been pregnante!? SERIOUSLY!? WHAT!? What Louis told me was I couldn't carry children! WHAT!? Does this mean they were wrong, can I have children? Just wait.... I had been pregnante... WOW.... shocker!!!!





sorry little children for the really long wait for the new update but I suddenly thought, you know what! I should really write on this book... so I did... Now you should all be happy because I have written and you got to enjoy what I had written... Yay... Hope you liked it and I hope all you little chldren carry on reading this lovely book! Teehee! <--- my word not yours, DON'T use it! Please, thank you very much and good night! ;-)


*Walks swiftly out of room/house/building/magical land in which we live in!* YAY! Bye now childrennnnn! xx 

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