The Only One

Niall runs away from his mates becasue he heard them talk about him. He runs to a girls house. Her name is Kristen Michele. Her family life is very rough. Does she fall for Niall? Or maybe one of the other band members? Read to find out!

***This is my first story! If I get enough poeple liking these I might do a sequal!***


8. The Surprise!

*6 Months later*

The boys and I have become good friends now. They we all like family now. They had canceled their tour since Niall was still in a coma, but I think they were sad beacuse they missed singing but, they wouldn't sing without Niall. I stayed with him every night hoping he would wake up but he never did. Most nights I laied there watching him and crying.  I mised his laugh, smile, everything about him.

 I was taking classes online. I was going to be graduating from high school in a month. I was going to go to college to be a photographer. While I was in the hospital I started to take pictures of little kids. There was this one girl, Emma. She was 7 years old with cancer. She loved dressing up as a princess. Her mom asked me if I could take pictures of her for a day. Her mom put make up on her and dressed her all up and we walked through the hospital taking pictures all day. Everyday I got by and see her. She is doing alot better now and she will be able to tleave in a month.

“Kristen, I’m going to the café. You want to go?” Liam asked me

“Umm... Sure!” I said

We walked down to the café hand in hand.  A lot has happened in 6 months.  Liam told me that he loved me. About a month after the incident he asked me out. I said yes but, when Niall wakes up we have to break up.  He agreed to that. Liam has helped me a lot trying to get my mind off things and from going crazy.

“What should it be beautiful?” He asked

“Just water and an apple.” I replied

We walked back up to the room to find Niall wake.

“Liam! Go get the doctor and call the boys!” I yelled.

                             “Niall, it’s me Kristen. Just hold on the doctor is coming.” I said with a tear escaping from my eye.

After the doctor took the tube out of Niall’s throat and went through the regular check-up.

“I’m guessing this is it?” Liam asked me

I nodded my head yes and Liam gave me a kiss of the cheek.

“We will still be friends won’t we?”

“Of course Liam!”

After the doctor came out he said he had some good news

“Is he okay?” I asked the doctor

“He seems like it. He remembers what happened and he wants to see you.”

I walked into the room and saw Niall. A few tears of joy escaped from my eyes.

“Kristen,” Niall said and smiled, “Come here.”

I walked over to his bed and he told me to come closer so I did and he kissed me.

“I’ve been waiting for this day for six months,” He smiled, “I missed you.”

“I missed you, too” I replied

I went and got everyone. We were all laughing and smiling. The doctor told us that Niall could leave tomorrow afternoon. He was very happy to hear the great news.

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