The Only One

Niall runs away from his mates becasue he heard them talk about him. He runs to a girls house. Her name is Kristen Michele. Her family life is very rough. Does she fall for Niall? Or maybe one of the other band members? Read to find out!

***This is my first story! If I get enough poeple liking these I might do a sequal!***


6. The Hospital

Harry's P.O.V.

        Louis had gotten a strange phone call from Niall. All the sudden we all heard police sirens and we ran outside following the lights and sounds. Kristen was talking to the police and crying in the back of an ambulance.

  I ran over to Kristen and gave her a hug. “What happened?! Where’s Niall?” I asked frantically.

    “My dad found us. Niall told me to run so I did and my dad shot me in the leg. He had the gun up to Niall’s head but one of the police officers came behind my dad and shot him but, when he fell he fell on top of Niall and shot him in the stomach. He bleeded out too much so he was rushed to the hospital.” Kristen was trying to say without getting choked up and crying.

       I told the police officer that we were going to go to the hospital and we left. On our way to the hospital I held Kristen in my arms.  All of us were shocked and hoping for the best. Kristen was crying from the pain in her leg, they got the bullet out and stitched her up in the ambulance and wrapped her up, they said that they would give her some crutches at the hospital. She was also crying because of the pain in her heart. We were all scared that we were going to lose Niall.

Louis’ P.O.V.

        I can’t believe what had happened.  I was shocked. I couldn’t say anything. None of us could. The only thing we heard in the car was Kristen crying.  I few tears escaped my eyes. I knew Niall liked Kristen. It was obvious. Liam had told all of us what had happened upstairs in the extra bedroom. Niall was one of my best mates. He was to all of us. I just prayed and prayed that nothing bad is going to happen.

     I heard my phone buzz and looked at it ‘Hey love! What happened with Niall! It’s all over the telly. Is he okay?’ Eleanor, my girlfriend, had sent me.

‘Long story short; He met and girl and her dad shot him in the stomach. Meet us at the hospital’

When we pulled up to the hospital everyone ran inside.

“Where is Niall Horan?” I asked the lady at the front desk

“He is in surgery right now. I will let the doctor know you are here as soon as he gets out. Just sit in the waiting area for now.

   I thought to myself surgery? What for? I got scared but I didn’t let it show. I turned around and saw Eleanor. I ran up to her and gave her a huge hug and kiss. We sat down and I told her what had happened. She was shocked, too. She talked to Kristen for a while trying to calm her down.

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