The Only One

Niall runs away from his mates becasue he heard them talk about him. He runs to a girls house. Her name is Kristen Michele. Her family life is very rough. Does she fall for Niall? Or maybe one of the other band members? Read to find out!

***This is my first story! If I get enough poeple liking these I might do a sequal!***


2. My Dad.

“Why are you here?”

“I heard my mates talking about me.  So I ran, I just kept running and then I got tired and cold.  I stopped and I saw a light on in the window so I came here.”

“Okay. Well my dad will be waking up in about an hour.  You can sleep on the floor next to my bed so he doesn’t see you.  Then, in the morning we can go find your mates.”

             He nodded and made a little cot on the floor and fell fast asleep.  He was beautiful.  I’ve never seen a guy like him before.  From what I can tell he is sensitive.  I thought to myself that I want to know him better. I wanted to know why he came here. I just hoped my dad never finds him.  I soon fell asleep thinking about him.

          The next morning I woke up, and Niall wasn’t there.  I began to panic. I ran down stairs and saw the basement light was on.  I ran down and there he was. He was frozen staring at the handcuffs chained to the wall.

“What is this?” He asked pointing to it.

    “It’s my dad’s.  We shouldn’t be down here.” I said grabbing his hand trying to pull him but, he didn’t budge.

          When I looked at the handcuffs all the memories came flooding back. How I would smart off to my dad and he would hand cuff me and leave me down here for days even a week or 2. I would get food or water 1 time a week. There had been many times where I have fainted or nearly died with the lack of food and water.

             Niall saw the tears build up in my eyes and came over to me and hugged me. When he hugged me I jumped. I was still sore from the other night when my dad got mad.

“Come on let’s go make breakfast.” He said looking at me.

          After we had breakfast I went to go take a shower but, then I heard the front door open.  I knew it wasn’t Niall by how the door slammed. It was my dad.  I ran down stairs to go find Niall but, my dad found me first.

Where do you think you’re going?” he said

“Um… Just down stairs.  I needed a glass of water.” I said backing away.

    All the sudden I felt a burning on the left side of my cheek and I fell to the ground holding my cheek and sobbing. He had slapped me.  Did I say something wrong? He grabbed his phone and left with a loud slam at the door.

            I was lying on the wooden floor in pain. When I got up Niall stood there in shock.  He helped me up and carried me up to my room and laid me in my bed.

          “Was that your dad?” He asked still shocked

  I nodded my head in shame. I didn’t want him to see my dad. Why did this have to happen to me? I didn’t want him to know what happened. I didn’t want him to feel sorry for me. I just want to be treated like a normal girl. I started to cry and Niall just held me and rocked me back and forth. He was rubbing circles in my back which was very comforting. I soon fell asleep in him arms.

          When I woke up Niall was asleep. My head was lying on his chest. I could hear his slow heartbeat. I looked up at him and his eyes started to flutter open. The sun was shining through my window.

“Well, hello there.” He said smiling.

I smiled back at him and got up.  I grabbed and pair of skinny jeans and black boots with my pink sweatshirt.  I let my long blonde wavy hair down and swiped a little blush and mascara on to add a little color to face and hid the red mark on my face from my dad.  By this time Niall was up and pacing back and forth in my room

     I went over to him and stopped him. “Niall, it’s going to be okay. We don’t have to go today if you don’t want to.”

“No we need to go.” He said back

  I nodded my head yes, and we headed for the front door and left the house.  We started to walk down the street. We walked for about an hour and then, we came up to a huge house.

          He grabbed my hand and we walked to the door.  He hesitated to knock on the door.

“Niall, Its okay.” I said and knocked on the door for him.

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