The Only One

Niall runs away from his mates becasue he heard them talk about him. He runs to a girls house. Her name is Kristen Michele. Her family life is very rough. Does she fall for Niall? Or maybe one of the other band members? Read to find out!

***This is my first story! If I get enough poeple liking these I might do a sequal!***


1. Lonely

Today is November 21st.  It has been raining for 2 days now.  We don’t have school today since Thanksgiving in a few days.  I lay in my bed staring at the ceiling.  My room was purple and pink with black pok-a-dots.  I painted it with my mum when I was 8.  Dad always wanted to keep it white and plain like, the rest of the whole house is plain and boring.  That’s why I stayed in my room most of the time. It’s colorful and pretty. I felt safe in my room. It reminded me of my mum. It felt like she was still there, painting the walls. I remember that we had a paint fight in here. There was paint on the floor from it still. I could hear her laughing and screaming with joy. Then, dad came in and pulled her out of my room.  That night I could hear my dad yell at her. He yelled very awful things at her. I tried to sleep but I couldn’t I was so scared.

          I soon dozed off and was in a deep sleep.  I had a dream about my mum. She was sitting on the porch drinking sweet tea.  She slowly faded away, like she has been fading away in my mind more and more every day. I tried to remember her but I couldn’t.  I had one picture of her. It was of her holding me when I was a baby.  She looked so happy but, my dad wasn’t…

          When I was 9 my Mum was murdered by my father.  Every day since I was born she was beaten by him.  He yelled rude things at her but; she always had a smile on her face, even if it was a fake one. He always said that I was a mistake. That he didn’t want me. I was my Mum’s fault.

          When my mother died my father started to beat me.  He threatened to kill me if I told anyone. He says that he misses my Mum but, I don’t believe it. Nobody knows he killed my mum.  He told everyone that she killed herself. That she had a horrible life and she didn’t want to live any longer. He tried to act sweet and nice at the funeral and, he even faked crying acting like he cared. I do believe that a few tears were real, but not many.

Most of my family lived in America.  I’ve never met them but I always hoped that they would come here and take me away from my horrible father, but they never did. I’ve tried running away many, many times, but he always catches me. I soon just gave up and hoped of a miracle.  

          I woke up from a huge banging at the front door. I jumped up hoping it wouldn’t wake up my Dad.  I slowly got up out of my bed.  Every time I took a step the old wooden floor creaked. It seemed like it was one of the loudest things on earth; but it wasn’t, it was just very quiet. I finally got to the front door and unlocked it.  When I opened it there was a boy he looked around 17 or 18.  He had blonde hair with just a little brown and hard blue eye.  When he met my eyes he looked so sad and lonely and even scared.  His eyes were blood shot, like he has been crying.   He was standing there shivering. I didn’t notice it was raining until then.

          I stood there and thought. What was I supposed to do? I knew I had to do something. I knew how he felt; scared and alone. Having no one to run to and feeling trapped not able to go anywhere.

   I kept thinking of a plan. I told him to wait a moment and went to go get some towels.  I came back down and let him in.  I put my finger to my lips telling him to be quite, and handed him a towel. We walked up the stairs trying not to wake up my dad.  When we got up to my room I gave him some of my brother’s old clothes that were in my room. He went into my closet and changed. I would have let him go to the bathroom, but that could have risked my dad hearing him or catching him.

“What’s your name?” I whispered when he came out

“Niall, Niall Horan.” He tried saying without chattering his teeth.

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