Lauren, Savannah, Katrina, Stacy, and Carmen are 5 gels who just got out of high school. They want to spend their summer somewhere with good shopping, food, and of course, hot guys! But when they get to their dream destination, something happens that turns their worlds upside-down.


1. To London it is!

Savannah's POV

I never thought that this would happen. Me going with my best friends to London?! It's incredible! Me and Stacy live next door to eachother, so it's really easy for us to talk about what clothes we're bringing and stuff like that. But most of all, I just want a summer romance, unlike any other. Full of fun and days just sitting by the beach talking about what you love about eachother. That is what I want. And that is what will hopefully happen when I get to London tonight! I'm unbelievably excited!

Stacy's POV

I was walking over to Savannah's house when I saw her in her room through a window. She looked so happy. So excited. I guess I should be too, but part of me is hesitant to even show the slightest bit of excitement, because for some reason, everytime I seem to get happy again the forces of the earth decide to pull it away. Just like with my mom and dad. They finally seem to be happy and BAM. I find the divorce papers on the table with a note to my dad saying that "it just wasn't working." So that is why I can't get attached to the thought of this perfect trip. Because the second I do, the plane will leave without us or will stop working in the middle of the ocean. Just. My. Luck.
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