the one that got away

Harry gound the love of his life æ, but will it last? He loved her, she loved him ,what could possible go wrong? oh, wait there is one ting.


1. you know how to ruin a day

"So, let me ask all you boys, have you ever been in love?" The reporter asked, her eyes travelling to each boy. Niall was the first to speak.
"Of course," he said, "I mean we are twenty five, we've all had some serious relationships here and there. I say yeah." He looked down once he finished speaking. Louis patted his back.
"Me too." Louis said looking into the camera.
Zayn and Liam answered with a no and throughout the whole time, Harry had been staring at his shoelaces, his breath hitched in his throat. Why did she have to ask? He thought. Today had actually been a good day, all the effort to keep his head high for this interview, the first one they've had in months, was gone.
"Same for you Harry? The big ladies man and all?" The girl laughed. Harry tried desperately to push those tears that had been so willing to come lately away. He looked at each of the boys and Zayn, sitting closet to him, put a hand on his shoulder and squeezed it gently.
"No, it's not the same answer for me. I have been in love." The tears pooled in his eyes and he wanted to close them but he knew the second his eyes shut, he would see her and he couldn't handle that right now.
"Well, there's a surprise. Is it still going on?" The reporter giggled a little, her voice annoyingly high but tried to keep a straight face.
Harry wanted to glare at her. What, just because the papers say he's player doesn't mean he actually is. Just because the papers say he is the ladies man, with a different girl all the time, doesn't mean that he isn't human and can't love.
"No, she's gone." And with that he got up and walked out the room, the first tears beginning to fall.
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