kiss you

A girl named Katie meets a boy at school but he doesn't know her at all.But one day it all changes on a special day for Katie.


3. Party

       "Hey Niall I wanted to ask you if you wanted to come to my birthday party?" Katie asked.

       " Sure I love birthdays and I also love partys." Niall told Katie.

          Katie was so happy that Niall was going to come to her birthday party. Katie was not happy that her parents are going to embaress her at the party and treat her like a baby.

          When Katie got home she went into her room and wrote in her dairy.

     Today i asked Niall if he can come to my birthday party ........ and oh my gosh he said yes. I am so happy now I feel like my life is complete ever since I met Niall. I'm so happy that we moved to London because if we didn't then I wouldn't have met Niall at all. I wouldn't have even heard about one direction until I heard about them from  my friends.

     "Honey what are you doing?" Katie's mom asked. Katie got out her things and said "Oh i'm doing homework what else would I be doing.

      "I don't know, but guess what...... your friends from California is coming because it's your birthday." her mom told her.

      Katie thought that it was not a good idea because she thinks that they will steal Niall away from her. Also she thinks that they wouldn't but she doesn't know because she hasn't seen them since she left California.

     Katie still had to tell her that Niall was coming for her birthday party, but she can't because then she is going to FREAK out and she would that he's my BOYFRIEND. Even thow I want him to be my boyfriend I think it's still silly.

     Katie was so tired that she fell asleep with out dinner. So when she got up she was so hungry that she had dinner for breakfest. Her mom was so angry that she didn't let Katie watch TV at all for the day.

     ring ring ring ring. it was Niall calling Katie. Katie picked up really fast and then she heard Francy's voice behind the phone. The only reason that Niall called was because he asked if Francy could go to the birthay party. Katie said that she could come.

     ding dong. people were at the door and it was time to start the party. At the party everyone had fun at the party but Katie didn't. Katie saw that Francy and Naill were Kissing at my birthday party. I went to go find my friends and tell them everything so I did. I was so happy that they were here at my party.

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