kiss you

A girl named Katie meets a boy at school but he doesn't know her at all.But one day it all changes on a special day for Katie.


2. Niall saw me

      Wow, today was the day I was going to talk to Niall. That day was going to be amazing. I am going to talk to him in second block because that's when me and Naill sit together. It was going to be hard to talk to him because of all fans.

       "Hey i'm Katie, what's your name?" Katie asked Niall like she didn't know his name.

        "Oh, my name is Niall" Niall said.  wow it was happening Katie was talking to Naill finally.

       Katie and Niall kept on talking and someone was looking at them it was this girl named Francy and she was mad. Francy was mad because she used to go out with Niall and they broke up because one direction was on tour. Since Francy got the news that Niall was back it was her chance to steal him away from Katie. The only way she could do that was by being friends with Katie and get really friendly with Niall and then crush Katie's heart.

       "Hey Niall, I guess you back from your tour right?" Francy asked Niall.

        "Yeah and I guess that your still ere at the school." Niall asked Francy.

         "Yep, I have been staying because I was waiting till you came back from your tour." Francy told Niall.

         "Wow that's so sweet is that the only reason that you stayed or was it because of josh?" Katie asked Francy.

         "Well uh.................... I should be listening to the teacher instead of talking to you Katie" Francy said to Katie


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