kiss you

A girl named Katie meets a boy at school but he doesn't know her at all.But one day it all changes on a special day for Katie.


4. i saw you kiss her

       When it was second block Katie was not happy at Niall ever since she saw him kiss Francy.

        "Hey Katie that was a awsome party." Niall told Katie. Katie wasn't talking to Niall.

        "What's wrong Katie?" Niall asked Katie.

        "I saw you kiss Francy at my party.... how could you kiss someone at my own birthday party? " Katie asked Niall.

      Niall felt guilty ut he wasn't that sad because it wasn't like Katie and him are dating. Katie also knew that him and her were not dating but still she was mad that he kissed someone at her own birthday party. Katie think that he was so stupid.

      For the rest of the Katie and Niall didn't talk to each other at all. When Katie got home she ran to her room and then took down her one direction posters. She throw away her one direction CD's. She even deleted Nialls number.

     After Katie deleted Nialls number she sat down on the floor and then started to cry. She cryed so loud that her mother heard from all the way down stairs. Katie's mother ran to her room and asked her what's wrong but Katie didn't say anything and her mom got the picture.

     Katie was so sad that she didn't talk to anyone for a month. One night when Katie was geting ready for bed someone was throwing something at her window. When she looked out the window no one was there. At first Katie thought that she was going crazy.

     Katie fell alsleep and she started to cry in her sleep. Then she noticed that she missed Niall so she knew what she had to do. She had to talk to Niall.Since she couldn't go back to bed she picked out her own clothes for school tommorow.


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