kiss you

A girl named Katie meets a boy at school but he doesn't know her at all.But one day it all changes on a special day for Katie.


6. Francy

         Francy saw the kiss an dshe got really mad so when no one was looking she opened up Katie's locker and took her money that Katie had in her locker. Francy was so happy that she got revenge that she was pretending to look for Niall.

        "Hey baby what is going on?" Francy asked Niall

       "Francy it's over i'm sorry just that your not what i'm looking for at all." Niall told Francy.

      "What ever I knew it wasn't going to last that long." Francy said.

   Francy walked away with a smile and told her friends to keep a secret but what she didn't know that one of her friends can't keep a secret at all. one of the friends told Katie that Francy stole her money that was in her locker. Katie got mad but just let it go.

   Francy was shocked that Katie didn't care at all that Francy took her money.So Francy just asked her dad if they could move and he said sure. Everyone at school was happy that Francy was moving some were else then London.

   Even the teachers didn't like Francy because she was a little princess. One of teachers were about hit her i the face because they all hated her so much.


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