kiss you

A girl named Katie meets a boy at school but he doesn't know her at all.But one day it all changes on a special day for Katie.


1. first day of school

          first of school, uh sucks that summer break is alredy over with.Wonderwhat it's going to be like since I moved to london. I just feel lonely since all my friends are back in Californina.Well wish me luck diary.

         "honey get out of bed or you will be late to school." Katie's mom said to her. So I got up and then I heard people running outside. I noticed that they were running after a limo. I didn't care at all because all I care about was getting to school and meeting new friends.

          Later in the day i finally went to school and everyone was staring at something i was confused because they could be looking at me or at the...... uh that limo again what is happening here. I thought that later in the day i will never see that limo ever again but I see that it's not going to happen. I walked into the school and then i saw that everyone was waiting in front of a door i thought that Iwas crazy but now I see that i am not the only one.

         I went to class and then i saw the cutes boy in the world. Also there wasn't just one therewas five of the them i was in heaven but i think that I really liked the one with blond hair. Iasked everyone who those people are and they looked at me crazy. Then they said duh it's one direction. So when they said one direction i asked what are there names and then the students said niall,liam,harry,louise,and zayne.

        At the end of the day I tried to talk to Naill (the blond one) but I didn't get to talk to him because of all the fans around one direction but I know that one day i will talk to him.

       "Honey how was your first day at school?" Katie's mom asked. "Good." Katie said back. Her mom just walked back down stairs. Katie got her dairy and wrote this.

         Today was amazing because i saw a cute boy at school and his name is Niall Horan. He's like a dream come true to me. I wish that I could tell my friends in California because we tell each other everything that happens in our lives. See you tommorow dairy.

         Katie was so happy because tommorow was her birthday and she was screaming because she was going to make sure that she was finally going to talk to Niall.




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