A girl and the man she fangirls about have a thing. Or at least in her head they do


2. Bigger problems

To make it even worse, the fact that he was famous wasn't the only reason I could never be with him. He was slightly older than me. Nothing big, just like twice my age. I had problems and I was aware of that. But the feeling I got when I saw him on my screen was unimaginable. 

I just wanted to be there next to him, hear his words in real life, feel his touch and just lie next to him until we fall asleep. Then when we woke up we would make breakfast together and I would sing the song I always sang in the morning and he was tell me that me singing while we made breakfast was the highlight of his day and I would laugh shyly because I knew I was bad at singing and then he would grab my waist and pull me close and just kiss me. And then we would smell smoke because the bacon caught on fire so we would rush to get water to turn it off. After that we would laugh till we cried. 

That's the kind of thing I want with him. I know I'm obsessed but I can't help it. I've fallen for his eyes but they don't know me yet. 

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